Pre-order the Avett Bros. Gleam II on CD or LP!!!!!!

That's right, there is a new Avett Brothers CD coming out and you can pre-order it from Lunchbox Records on CD or LP!!!

CD is only $6.99
LP is only $9.99 and includes 2 bonus songs not on the cd plus an MP3 download card.

If you pre-order from us you get a free Avett Bros. poster and a chance to win a 2' x 2' autographed artboard....

We buy used vinyl, CDs, DVDs, tapes every day all of the time

Unlike some other stores in town, you don't need an "appointment" to sell us your used stuff. As long as we are here and open we will gladly look at your stuff and buy it from you. None of that "so and so isn't here so we can't buy anything" or "we stop buying at 7:00" crap.

Just bring them in or if you have a whole collection to sell, we can come to you or you can email us a list. We are especially interested in punk, indie, metal and jazz collections.