Record Store Day Is This Saturday, April 21st!

In case you haven't heard or read about this, this Saturday we'll be taking part in the 5th annual Record Store Day, which is actually being held across the globe. For some info on what it's all about -- although you can pretty much assume what its motivations are -- check out


We will be open until at least 9 PM and on Sunday we will be open from 12 PM until 7 PM.

Last year was awesome and the enthusiasm for RSD seems to grow every year with even more tons of releases coming out that day that are limited this year. From the measly 10-20 releases the first year it has now ballooned into over 300 releases. We've participated every year and have tried to grow with it as well, and this is the second year that we've been the only shop in Charlotte taking part. This means we had to consider some things that before we wouldn't have even thought about, and it gives us a new opportunity to make new friends and customers with folks that normally would have gone to some other store across town.

Now, what does this mean for you? Well, over the past week we've been receiving tons of freebie goodies to give away in honor of Record Store Day. If you stop by on Saturday, we'll have a bag full of free stuff for you. It's first-come, first-serve, so if we're out of them by the time you get here, we're sorry. So try to make it earlier rather than later. These includes free 7"s, CDs, posters, buttons, stickers, magazines, etc.

We will also have lots of new stickers to give away, new Lunchbox shirts (these are not free but they are on sale), and the first 100 customers will get a free Lunchbox Records slipmat. We have two different designs, the first drawn by our own helper Lee:

ALSO there are Record Store Day EXCLUSIVES for sale only at participating indie stores. These are almost all very limited in nature, and in many case we did NOT get that many or as many as we ordered, so be ready. There were way more labels participating this year so there are bound to be some things I didn't even know about as well. We're trying our best to get everything though, but sometimes things slip through the cracks and with this many releases we had to budget ourselves a bit as well. There are also a bunch of UK ONLY releases - we WILL NOT have the UK releases and cannot get them. A lot of people keeping asking since there are some nice ones, but those are for UK stores only.

There is an extensive list of the releases coming out here. I encourage you to read it and maybe even print it out to make a checklist so you don't forget something in the excitement of it all.

List of 2012 RSD releases:

From the RSD website:

"THEY’RE HERE! The thing a lot of you are looking forward to, of course, are the special pieces coming to your favorite record store on April 16. Here’s a list of them, one you can print out, check off and take to your local record store. We’re doing things a little differently this year, so you’ll see a few different categories here:

RECORD STORE DAY RELEASES These are titles that are only being released for this day. These are true Record Store Day Exclusives.

“WINDOWED” RELEASES These are titles that will only be available in record stores on Record Store Day, but will someday be available to other retailers down the line.

REGIONAL/SMALL RUN RELEASES These are titles that are being released only to a certain region of stores, or have such a small run or distribution that the majority of participating stores will not have access to them. We feel it’s important to include these releases and celebrate the spirit in which they are released.

And remember: LIMITED EDITION, BABY. A lot of these titles have limited runs. You may not get your hands on all the pieces you want. Your STORE may not get their hands on all the pieces they want. That’s the nature of limited releases. But that’s what makes them so exciting! "

You can also view the list as a webpage with pictures of the releases here.

To try to keep things more civil and manageable again this year, we're going to have someone at the door so that 100 people don't try to cram in the store all at once. We are trying to make things run as smooth as possible and hopefully keep waiting to a minimum. This system worked well last year and is the fairest way we can think of.

ALSO, we will be having a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to be drawn on Saturday night.

AND IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THIS...we're going to bring out as many posters (and trust us, we have billions of them) & whatever else we can find to give to you. It helps us, it helps you, it helps the world. Ok, maybe not the whole world. But we hope you'll enjoy what you can have.

The only requirement to get all this stuff is to stop by and buy something -- or, at the very least, look around and see if there's anything you want. We appreciate the year-round business that everyone in this community (and beyond) has brought us, year after year. Stop by on this new holiday and get a little something back.

AND most importantly, we are having a Record Store Day Sale. Or you can call it our 6.5 year anniversary sale. Anyhow, here's the deal:

EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS 15% OFF! - LPs, CDs, DVDs, 7"s, 10"s, books, stickers, patches, everything! Saturday only!
****Due to the limited nature of Record Store Day releases, however, those are not included in the sale.****

IN ADDITION ALL USED CDS & DVDS ARE BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! - This is combined with the 15% off.

This sale is for SATURDAY & SUNDAY - so come see us all weekend.

And now for the stinky rules:

-Record Store Day items are limited to ONE PER CUSTOMER PER TITLE. I'm sorry if your cousin in Nantucket doesn't have a record store nearby. We're looking out for locals first, and more importantly trying to discourage Ebay flippers.

-Please do not get mad at me if something is sold out or didn't come in. Several items have already been delayed or cancelled and several others I was never able to find or were so limited that we did not get our orders. It's up to each store owner/buyer to order these things which means we have to hunt them down and also means we have to pay for them up front. Records are non-returnable which means this day is a stressful risk for us that usually works out. Also please realize that Lunchbox Records is run by one person 95% of the time. I try my hardest to order what regular customers buy and ask about first, then other items after that, but it's all a guessing game and I'm bound to guess wrong sometimes. We posted a list of everything we ordered earlier on our website and 98% of it we got.

We will be having some DJs play too to hopefully brighten your bands this year because there is just too much going on and they would have to play outside. And only a couple bands even asked, and we're not especially great at networking for those sort of things.

See you Saturday!! 

Now for my rant...(reprinted from year one of RSD for your convenience)

You're probably wondering what RECORD STORE DAY is anyway? I was at first too. But it's basically a revamped customer appreciation day where hopefully you the customer appreciates us as well and the fact that you live in or near a town that still has independent record stores. I personally don't like to buy things online, but lots of people do. But it's great to know that you can go to a store and browse and stumble on things you never would have thought of or heard of otherwise. You don't get too much of that online. We also do everything in our capabilities to sell you records as cheap as we can. This means buying direct whenever possible and searching for deals and unfortunately not bringing some stuff in because big labels like to give chain stores better deals than the little guy. Our prices for most things we stock are typically $2-$5 cheaper than the big store across town. We don't do sales often because we prefer to make it cheap all of the time. We stock tons of LPs and 7"s because we love the format and when I opened this store the other stores we're still busy trying to kill the format. I believe in independent music and labels and try to stock as much as I can which means a lot of lesser known indie, punk and metal titles.

I've been going to record stores since as long as I can remember, buying my first 7" in 1984 and getting into punk a couple years later. It wasn't until I moved to Atlanta that I had good stores that stocked underground releases and I've been addicted ever since. If I didn't love record stores I wouldn't own one. I'd go get a job that made a lot more money. People come in here a lot and tell me they love the store and it's great, and lots of out of town folks and bands do too. I really have no reference point on that anymore since I'm here seven days a week. There's only 2 other stores that sell vinyl in town, one is oldies oriented and the other banned me for life when I stopped working there and opened my own store. So I never get to go to any other stores and just try to make mine the one I would want to go to. I'm nowhere near that point yet and am working to improve it all of the time. I value people's suggestions and take them seriously, probably a little too seriously. But if you don't tell me what you want I can't read minds. The point of this being that I think the store is pretty good, and there are tons of folks that don't have a decent record store anywhere near them. So hopefully you'll support us. I realize the store isn't for everybody though.

We will continue to sell you lots of records we and you think are cool, and we will continue to have shows in the store as long as I can and bring awesome out of town bands to Charlotte. We are very thankful of those of you that have supported us for the last 6.5 years. And if you've never been here before, please come visit us.


Record Store Day List!

OK, now that most of the dust is settling I can finally post a list of Record Store Day titles. RECORD STORE DAY IS SATURDAY APRIL 21st!!! This is a list of everything we have ordered and if all goes well we will receive. Due to the limited nature of the releases some things that we order tons of copies of we may only get one or two or none. Sometimes we get everything we order on a title. Most titles are pretty limited and there are hundreds of stores participating so many orders get allocated. Anyway, we try our best to get what we think and/or know our customers will want.

We will also have lots of new stickers to give away, hopefully new Lunchbox shirts, and the first 100 customers will get a free Lunchbox Records slipmat. We have two different designs, the first drawn by our own helper Lee:

We will be posting sale information in the next couple days as well. But basically everything will be on sale except limited RSD items.

Anyway, you can view the official RSD list of releases here. But this is a list of things we have ordered, some of which are not on the official list, and some of those are ones we are really excited about. We have included pressing information for those that we know about:


*Abba: "Voulez-Vouz Extended Dance Remix" Polydor/UMe 180g 12" 45rpm transparent 890 blue glitter vinyl
*Ryan Adams: "Heartbreak A Stranger" b/w "Black Sheets Of Rain" PAXAM 7' colored vinyl 2500 North America
*G.G. Allin & Antiseen: Violence Now/Cock on the Loose Green Mist 7" brown vinyl 300 Records
*All Out War: Assassins In The House Of God Victory 12" pink vinyl 400
*Anberlin: Never Take Friendship Personal Tooth & Nail LP 1000
*Anberlin: Blueprints Fo rThe Black Market Tooth & Nail 2XLP 1000
*Animal Collective: Transverse Temporal Gyrus Domino 12" LP 3200
*ArcticMonkeys: RUMine? Domino 7" 1340
*ArcadeFire: SprawlII Merge 12" 3000
*Atmosphere and The Uncluded: Picture Disc Rhymesayers 10" 1200
*Joan Baez: Farewell Angelina Vanguard LP 1000
*Sara Bareilles: "Stay"/"Beautiful Girl" Epic 7" 1500
*The Baseball Project: "El Hombre"/"Harey Haddix" Euclid Records 7" vinyl
*Battles: Dross Glop 4 Warp Records 12" in spined sleeve 750
*Beach House: Lazuli B/W Equal Mind Sub Pop 7" blue vinyl 1200
*Marco Benevento: "This Is How It Goes" Megaforce 7" vinyl 500
*Brendan Benson: "What Kind of World" Thirty Tigers 7' vinyl 1000
*The Black Angels: "Lonely," "Watch Out Boy," Blue Horizon 7" orange vinyl
*The Black Keys: El Camino Nonesuch 2xLP, 45 RPM 6K NUMBERED
*Black Prairie SINGERS VOL.1 : PORTLAND Sugar Hill 7' 1000
*The Black Twig Pickers: Yellow Cat Thrill Jockey 7inch 200 Records
*Blitzen Trapper : Hey Joe b/w Skirts on Fire SubPop 7" 750
*Blood For Blood: Enemy Victory 7" grey vinyl, and white 700 vinyl, shipped randomly
*Bloos Magoos: "So I'm Wrong And You Are Right"/"Wild About My Sundazed 7" vinyl Lovin'" / "The People"
*Blues Project: "Parchman Farm" / "Bright Lights, Big City" Sundazed 7" vinyl
*Bonnie Prince Billy: Hummingbird Spiritual 10" 1000 Pajamas
*Botch: An Anthology of Dead Ends Hydra Head 180g tip-on single LP 750 Records
*Bowerbirds: Bend Dead Oceans 7" vinyl 1000
*David Bowie: Starman Virgin Records 7' picture disc 2000
*Brad: "Water's Deep" Razor & Tie 7" vinyl 1000
*Danny Brown - XXX 2xLP
*James Brown: "There It Is"/"Pass The Peas" UMe 7" single 3000
*The Dave Brubeck Octet: Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals Fantasy 10”redvinyl 2000
*Michael Buble/Ray Charles: "Georgia On My Mind" Warner Bros. 7" peach vinyl 3500
*Richard Buckner : Willow Merge 7" 700
*The Byrds: "It's No Use"/"Feel A Whole Lot Better" Sundazed 7" vinyl

*Captain Beefheart: Diddy Wah Diddy Sundazed Gatefold7"
*Carolina Chocolate Drops/Run DMC: "You Be Illin" Warner Bros. 7" coke bottle green vinyl 3000
*Cause For Alarm: Cause For Alarm Victory 7" red vinyl 400
*Matt Chamberlain/Company Company 23: Yanki Arc 12" vinyl 1000
*Childish Gambino : Heartbeat Glassnote 12" Red vinyl 1000
*Chocolate Watch Band: "Psych Trip"/"Midnight Hour" Sundazed 7" vinyl
*Circle: Manner LP Hydra Head 180g die-cut jacket 500 Records
*The Civil Wars: Billie Jean Columbia 7" vinyl 1000 Records U.K.
*TheCivil Wars: Live at Amoeba Sensibility CD Music LLC
*Gary Clark Jr.: Presents HWUL Raw Cuts Vol. 1 Warner Bros. 12" 3000
*Gene Clark "One In A Hundred" / "She's The Kind Of Girl" Sundazed 7" vinyl
*The Clash: "London Calling" 2012 Epic 7" 4900
*Leonard Cohen: Live in Fredericton EP Columbia LP 3700
*Coldplay: "Up With The Birds"/"UFO" Capitol 7" vinyl 1000
*Common: The Dreamer, The Believer TCM LP 3000
*Larry Coryell: Spaces Vanguard LP 1000
*††† (Crosses) "Option/ Telepathy" Self-Released 7" vinyl 1000
*CSC Funk Band: CSC Funk Band Inspired by Gang Starr Electric 7" vinyl 500 Electric Cowbell
*The Cult: For The Animals Megaforce 7" vinyl 2500 
*Cure: Entreat Plus-2xLP
*Cursive: Burst and Bloom Saddle Creek marbled vinyl LP 1000
*Miles Davis: Forever Miles Columbia 12" 4900
*Death Cab for Cutie: Codes And Keys Remix EP Barsuk 180gramvinyl 400 Records
*Deep Fried Boogie Band / Spilt: Jackpot 7" vinyl 500 Colossal Yes Records
*Deerhoof / of Montreal : Stygian x} Bisection Polyvinyl 7" 1000
*Lana Del Ray: "Born To Die (Damon Albarn Remix)"/"Blue Jeans Interscope 7" vinyl 2500 (Penguin Prison Remix)"
*Destroyer: Destroyer's Rubies Merge LP 2000
*Devo: Live in Seattle1981 BoojiBoy 2xLP 2000 Records
*Luther Dickinson "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Tompkins 78RPMvinyl 500 Square
*Dillard and Clark: "Lyin Down The Miiddle"/"Why Not Your Baby" Sundazed 7" vinyl
*Disturbed: The Collection Reprise 6xLPbox 1500
*Diva Dompe : Cyborg Sweetie Critical Heights 7 inch + MP3 100
*DJ Food& The Amorphous: The Illectrik Hoax Ninja Tune 12inch multi-coloured 300 

*Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. : We Almost Lost Detroit EP Warner Bros. 12" 1000
*Justin Townes Earle: "Nothing's Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Bloodshot 7" vinyl 2000 Me Now"
*The Electronic Anthology: The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. Self-Released CD 1000 Project of Dinosaur Jr. 
*The Electronic Anthology: The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. Self-Released LP 1000 (500 purple, 500 black) Project of Dinosaur Jr. 
*Karen Elson: "Milk and Honey"/"Winter's Going" Third Man 7" milk and honey colored Records vinyl
*ESG/Las Kellies: Erase You Fire Records 7 inch + MP3 200
*Bill Evans: Selections from Live at Art D'Lugoff's Resonance 10" cobalt blue vinyl
*Jimmy Fallon: "Tebowie" Warner Bros 7' 3500
*Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, Yim Yames : New Multitudes Rounder 10" vinyl 2000 
*The Flaming Lips: The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends Warner Bros. 2x LP, custom jackets 
*Flogging Molly: Drunken Lullabies/A Prayer For Me In Silence Side One Dumm7" 1700 
*Florence + the Machine: "Shake It Out" Republic 7" vinyl 3000
*Foster The People: "Broken Jaw"/"Ruby" Columbia 7" 2800
*Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding: "Respect" Warner Bros 7" gold vinyl 5000
*Freakwater: Feels Like The Third Time Thrill Jockey Single LP 1000 Records
*Fun.: The Ghost That You Are To Me Atlantic 10" GEAR-SHAPED gold 3000 picture disc
*Futurebirds: SENEY-STOVALL SFP Records 12" vinyl 750

*Garbage: Blood For Poppies Stun Volume 7" White Vinyl 1000
*Duke Garwood/Wooden Wand: Duke / Wand Fire Records LP + MP3 200
*Genesis: Spot The Pigeon EP Audio Fidelity 12" blue vinyl 33 1/3 and 45 2500 RPM
*Gorillaz: (featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000) Do Ya Thing Capitol 10" vinyl 500
*Grateful Dead: Dark Star: Europe '72 Olympia Theatre - Paris, Rhino 12" 3000 France 5/4/72
*Gravenhurst : The Prize Warp Records 10" White Marbled Vinyl 400
*The Green: Ways and Means Megaforce LP 2500
*Grouplove: "Don't Fly Too Close To The Sun" Atlantic 7" 2360
*Buddy Guy: This Is Buddy Guy Vanguard LP 1000
*Dave Hause: Resolutions Side One Dummy 7" 800
*Lee Hazlewood : The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, & Backsides (1968- Light In The 12" vinyl 4000 71) Attic
*Hey Mercedes: Hey Mercedes Ep Polyvinyl LP 400
*Hiss Golden Messenger: "Jesus Shot Me In The Head"/"Jesus Dub" Tompkins 7" vinyl 500 Square
*The Hives: Go Right Ahead No Fun AB 7" 1800
*Patterson Hood & the Downtown 13: (featuring Mike Mills ) "After It's Gone" ATO 7" vinyl 2000
*The Horrible Crowes: Live at Fingerprints Side One Dummy 7" 1600 
*Horse Feathers / Cynic's New Year: split Kill Rock Stars 180gsingleLP 400
*Mississippi John Hurt: Last Sessions Vanguard LP 1000
*Hush Arbors/Arbouretum Aureola: Thrill Jockey CD gatefold 1000 Records
*Hush Arbors/Arbouretum Aureola : Thrill Jockey Single LP w/ download 1000 Records

*Icky Blossoms: Babes Saddle Creek 7" 700

*Nicolas Jaar and 78 Edits - Mike James Kirkland: Luv N' Haight Edit Series Vol. 1 - 12" Ubiquity 250
*Jamiroquai: Rock Dust Light Star Executive 2 x LP with CD 2500
*Skip James: Devil Got My Woman Vanguard LP 1000
*JEFF The Brotherhood: Upstairs at United, Vol. 3 453 Music 7" vinyl 2000
*Janis Joplin: Highlights from The Pearl Sessions Columbia 2x10" 4800
*Jukebox the Ghost: I Love You Always Forever - 7" Yep Roc RSD - Indie Only 500 Records

*Kimbra: Settle Down EP Warner Bros CDEP 2500
*The Knack : Live In Los Angeles, 1978 Omnivore 10" vinyl red and yellow 1500 splatter

*Lemuria - Varoom Allure - 7" 500 copies
*Little Richard: Here's Little Richard Specialty LP 1500
*Lydia Loveless:  "Bad Way To Go" Bloodshot 7" vinyl 750
*Luna: Romantica 180gLP 1000

*M83: Mirror Mute 7" etched disc 2000
*Mae: The Everglow Tooth & Nail 2XLP 1000
*Mariachi El Bronx/The Bronx: Split 12" ATO 12" splatter vinyl 1000
*Laura Marling: Flicker and Fail Ribbon 7" 2500
*Bruno Mars: The Grenade Sessions Atlantic 10" 2050
*Branford Marsalis Quartet: Four MFs Playin' Tunes Marsalis Music 2xLP 180g 500
*Mastodon/The Flaming Lips: "A Spoonful Weighs A Ton" Warner Bros. 7" baby pink vinyl 5000
*Mastodon/Feist: Warner Bros. 7" vinyl 5000
*Mates of State: Crushes (The Covers Mixtape) Polyvinyl LP 500
*MC5/Afrika Bambaataa: "Kick Out The Jams Warner Bros 7" white with splatter 5000
*Paul McCartney: "Another Day"/"Oh Woman Oh Why" MPL / Hear 7" single 2000 Music
*mclusky: mclusky Do Dallas Too Pure 150gwhitevinylLP 1000 Records
*Mike McCready and Star Anna: "Keep On"/"Call Your Girlfriend" Monkeywrench 7" vinyl 300
*Sam Means: NONA Photo Finish 7" 1000
*Dan Melchior: Ghost in the Supermarket 12" 500
*Metallica: Beyond Magnetic Warner Bros. 12" Silver Vinyl 5000
*Minus the Bear : Your Private Sky7 Dangerbird 7" 2500
*Misfits: Walk Among Us Rhino Randomly packed 1250 Red, 1250 Blue, 500 Clear
*The Mynah Byrds: "It's My Time"/"Go On And Cry" UMe 7" single 2000
*The Mynabirds: Generals Saddle Creek 7" 700
*The Neanderthals: "Groovy Dances" "How Can I Make Her Mine" Spinout 7" vinyl
*Neon Indian: Hex Girlfriend Mom + Pop 10" tranlucent blue vinyl 500
*Neon Trees: Everybody Talks / Lessons in Love Island Def Jam 7" red heart shaped vinyl 2000
*Nightwish: Trials Of Imaginearum Roadrunner 10" picture disc 1500
*Nobunny: The Maximum Rock N Roll EP Goner 1000
*Now Now/The Lonely Forest: Shifting/Woe Is Me Trans- Split 7" 400 Records
*Oberhofer : "Away From U" Glassnote 7" vinyl 500
*Sinead O'Connor: How About I Be Me (and you be you) One Little 12" Vinyl Indian
*Of Monsters And Men: Into The Woods EP Republic 10" vinyl 2000
*Ozzy Osbourne: "Believer" Columbia vinyl 4400
*Shuggie Otis: "Inspiration Information" 7" colored vinyl 1350
*Buck Owens: Colouring Book w/ flexidisc Omnivore 

*Amanda Palmer & The Grand…. Polly b/w Idioteque 8 FT Records, 7 inch 2000 
*Pelican: Australasia Hydra Head 180g 2xLP gatefold 750 Records
*Chuck Persons: A.D.D. Complete Software 7" 360
*Lee "Scratch" Perry: Blackboard Jungle Dub (Limited Edition Box 10" Get On Down 3 x 10" vinyl box Box)
*Katy Perry : Part of Me (Thin White Duke Remix) Capitol 12" pink viny 3000
*Phish : Junta Deluxe LP Edition JEMP 3xLP 2500
*Phish: Junta Deluxe(PollockVersion) JEMP 3xLP 2500
*Po and the 4Fathers: "Kingdom Come"/"Do Ya" Monkeywrench 7" vinyl 400
*matt pond PA: Measure Polyvinyl LP 500
*matt pond PA: Several Arrows Later Polyvinyl LP 500
*Portugal. The Man: Got It All Atlantic 7' 500
*Grace Potter & the Nocturnals: Live at the Hollywood CD 5000
*Grace Potter & the Nocturnals Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: Live at the Hollywood 12" Vinyl 2000
*Priscilla Ahn and Sea of Bees: John Denver - The Music Is You Series Featuring Windstar 7" vinyl 1500 
*Public Image Ltd One Drop EP PiL Official 12inch 1500
*PUJOL: Reverse Vampire Saddle Creek 7" 700
*Pulse Emitter/Date Palms/Expo 70/Faceplant - 4 Way Split  2xLP Immune 10000
*Pussy Galore "Feel Good About Your Body" Shove 7" vinyl 1500

*Rainbow : Long Live Rock and Roll Niji 12" picture disc 2500 Entertainment
*Rainer Maria: Rainer Maria Polyvinyl LP 100
*Joey Ramone: Rock n' Roll Is The Answer BMG Rights 7" vinyl 2500 North America Management
*Ra Ra Riot & Delicate Steve : "Valerie"/"The Big Ship" Barsuk 7" hand numbered white 400 Records vinyl
*Receiving End Of Sirens - Songs/2003-7" Photo Finish 500
*Refused The Shape of Punk to Come Limited Edition Colored Epitaph 2xLP 2000 LP
*Paul Revere and the Raiders: "(You're A) Bad Girl"/"Ride Your Pony" Sundazed 7" vinyl
*The Right Now: "He Used To Be"/"Good Man" The Right Now 7" vinyl 400 Music
*Ringworm: The Venomous Grand Design Victory 12" yellow vinyl 400
*Ringworm: Justice Replaced By Revenge Victory 12" white vinyl 400
*The Chris Robinson: "New Suede Shoes" Megaforce 7" single 1300 Brotherhood
*Rockabye Baby! Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of The Smiths Rockabye 12" vinyl 3000 Baby! Music
*Caitlin Rose: Pile driver Waltz Domino 7" 390
*St. Vincent : KROKODIL 4ad 7" red vinyl 2500
*Saturday Looks Good To Me: All Your Summer Songs Polyvinyl LP 250
*School of Seven Bells: Kiss Them For Me Vagrant 7" 600
*Shabazz Palaces: Live at KEXP Sub Pop 12" 1200
*Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: One Love To Another Vagrant 7" 1500 
*Sigur Ros: Hvarf-Heim XL 2x LP, colored vinyl 1250
*Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice: Skaggs & Rice Sugar Hill LP 1000
*Slightly Stoopid and The Expendables : The John Denver - The Music Is You Series Featuring Windstar 7" vinyl 
*Small Faces: "Itchykoo Park" ""I'm Only Dreaming" Snapper Music 7" vinyl 1000
*Small Faces: "Tin Soldier"/ "I Feel So Much Better Now" Snapper Music 7" vinyl 1000
*The Smoke Fairies: The Three of Us EP 453 Music 2 X 7" vinyl 800
*Snapcase: Progression Through Unlearning Victory 12" yellow vinyl 900
*Miike Snow: "Devil's Work" Republic 7" vinyl
*Social Distortion: Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes Limited Edition Epitaph LP 750 Colored LP
*Regina Spektor: "The Prayer of Francois Villon (Moltiva)" Sire 7" 3000
*Jeremy Spencer : Bend in the Road Propelz 2xLP 1000
*Bruce Springsteen: "Rocky Ground" Columbia 7" vinyl 8000
*Ralph Stanley : "Single Girl"/"Little Birdie" Tompkins 78RPMvinyl 500 Square
*Starfucker: Heaven's Youth (Reptilians Demos) Polyvinyl LP 500
*Iggy and the Stooges: Live at All Tomorrows Parties MVD 12" Picture Disc
*Straylight Run: Straylight Run Victory 12" yellow vinyl, and brown 750 vinyl, shipped randomly
*Switchfoot: -Verses Atlantic CDEP 2500
*311: 311 12" Record Store Day 2012 - 12" 1000
*Taking Back Sunday: We Play Songs Brookvale 12" LP, 45 RPM 2000
*Talibam!:  Step Into the Marina Critical Heights 7 inch + MP3 100
*The Tallest Man on Earth: King of Spain Dead Oceans 12" 2000
*Tegan & Sara: Get Along Sire LP 3000
*Rosie Thomas / Sufjan Stevens: Hit & Run Vol.1 Sing-A-Long 7' vinyl 
*Richard Thomspon: Haul Me Up Beeswing 45RPM picture sleeve 1750 Records
*Tomahawk: Eponymous To Anonymous Ipecac 3xLPbox 1900
*Tortoise: "Lonesome Sound"/"Mosquito" Thrill Jockey 2x7" doublepack 1000 Records
*Peter Tosh: Legalize It: Echodelic Remixes Picture Disc Delicious Vinyl 12" Picture Disc 510
*Pete Townshend: Quadrophenia Demos Part 2 UMe 10" vinyl 3500
*T. Rex: Electric Warrior Rhino 6x7" box 2825
*Ugly Custard : Ugly Custard STRUT Single LP box 400
*Uncle Tupelo: 4x7" boxset 5000
*Unrest : Perfect Teeth Teen Beat 6x7" box set
*Variety Lights- Silent Too Long 10"  FIre Records 200 green
*Eddie Vedder "Love Boat Captain"/"Wishlist" Monkeywrench 7" vinyl 1500
*Townes Van Zandt: At My Window Sugar Hill LP 1000
*Visioneers - Hipology 5x7" box  BBE

*M. Ward: Primitive Girl" b/w The Twist and Rollover….. Merge 7" 2000
*Sara Watkins featuring Fiona Apple/The Everly Brothers "You're The One I Love" Warner Bros 7"
*Mike Watt & The Missingmen/The Chuck Dukowski Sextet: Sweet Honey Pie b/w My War ORG Music 7" 3000
*Paul Weller "That Dangerous Age" Yep Roc 7" red vinyl 1000 Records
*The White Stripes "Hand Springs"/"Red Death at 6:14" Third Man 7" black and red swirled Records vinyl
*Widespread Panic: Live Wood Widespread 12" 180 g vinyl 2000 Records
*Wilco: The Whole Love Deluxe Box Set ANTI LP 250
*Steven Wilson: Catalogue/Preserve/Amass Kscope 12" vinyl 750
*Jonathan Wilson: Pity Trials and Tomorrow's Child - 12 inch Bella Union 12" LP 650
*Xiu Xiu / Dirty Beaches Xiu Xiu / Dirty Beaches split Polyvinyl 7" 1000
*Adrian Young Vs. Adrian Quesada - LP Ubiquity 400

*Various Artists Smugglers Way Domino 5 x7" flexidisc/zine 2900
*Various Artists Empire Records Soundtrack UMe 2 x 12" orange vinyl 2000
*Various Artists Pretty In Pink Soundtrack UMe 12" pink vinyl 2000
*Various Artists The Breakfast Club Soundtrack UMe 12" white vinyl 2000
*Various Artists Never To Be Forgotten - The Flip Side of Stax 1968-1974 Light In The 10 x 7" boxset
*Various Artists Sacred Bones Presents: Todo Muere Vol. 2 Sacred Bones 12" vinyl 1500
*Various Artists Arts & Crafts: RSD Arts & Crafts LP 350
*Various Artists Rough Guide: Psychedelic Africa (180 Gram LP + World Music LP 700 Download Card) Network
*Various Artists Rough Guide: African Roots Revival (180 Gram LP World Music LP 600 + Download Card) Network
*Various Artists Rough Guide: New Orleans (180 Gram LP + World Music LP 500 Download Card) Network
*Various Artists - Complex LP  Lex Records 500
*Various Artists - Eight Trails, One Path LP  Three Lobed Recordings 300


*311 Music 2xLP
*Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions - 3CD/DVD
*Death Grips: The Money Store Epic
*Dr. John - Locked Down - LP+CD
*Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac-LP
*Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac-2xLP (45 RPM deluxe edition)
*Iggy and the Stooges: Raw Power RCA 2xLP
*Iggy Pop: Mick Rock Tins Virgin 7" box with photo book 2000
*Janis Joplin: Pearl Columbia LP
*Ozzy Osbourne: Live Columbia 2xLP180g
*Odd Future: The OF Tape Vol. 2 Odd Future 2xLP Records
*Pistol Annies - Hell On Heels - LP
*LouReed : Transformer RCA LP
*LouReed : Rock N Roll Animal RCA LP
*Paul Simon: Graceland25thAnniversary Columbia LP
*Patti Smith: Horses Columbia LP
*Esparanza Spalding Radio Music Society: Head's Up 2xLP 3000
*UncleTupelo: No Depression LP
*UncleTupelo: Still Feel Gone LP
*Uncle Tupelo: March 16-20, 1992 LP


Alice Donut-Freaks in Love -2xcd/DVD alternative Tentacles
Avengers-we are the one-7" Superior Viaduct
Avengers-paint it black-7" Superior Viaduct
Avengers-teenage rebel-7" Superior Viaduct
Ab Baars/Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen Love-7"  Terp/In the Fishtank
Blouse/Craft Spells - Gruesome Flowers Part 2 -  7"  Captured Tracks
Cleaners From Venus - Blow Away Your Troubles-LP Captured Tracks
Cleaners From Venus - Midnight Cleaners-LP Captured Tracks
Cleaners From Venus - On Any Normal Monday-LP Captured Tracks
Cleaners From Venus VOL.1 Vinyl Box Set  LP  Captured Tracks
Chris Crofton- Pearls Before Swine: Live at the Springwater - 12"
Mikal CroninApache Dropout/The Paperhead/The Liminanas - 4-Way Covers Split 7” 
Portland Cello Project - Homage LP (Jealous Butcher: jb097) 1000 white vinyl
Matthew Dear-Headcage-12" Ghostly International
DOOMRIDERS/SWEET COBRA - GIRL U WANT/GATES OF STEEL (RSD) 7" Devo covers! Limited to 500 red vinyl, 500 gold vinyl and 500 black vinyl.
Endpoint: In A Time of Hate LP SImba 500 red marble vinyl
Farside-rigged-LP REvelation 500 brown vinyl
Gruntruck - 3 song EP CD 
Heads-Radio One-LP Rooster
Icarus Line-live in london-LP Agitated
Ignite-call on my brothers-LP Revelation 500 purple vinyl
Into Another-s/t-LP Revelation 500 green vinyl
Jacuzzi Boys-ghost ghost-7" Floridas Dying
LCD soundsystem-Losing my Edge-12" DFA
George Lopez - Tal Dark & Chicano-LP
Medicine - The Buried Life-LP Captured Tracks
Medicine: Box Set-LP Captured Tracks
My Brightest Diamond - I Have Never Loved Someone 7”  Fishtank 1000
NOFX: 126 inches-18x7" box set Fat Wreck Chords
Poison Idea: pick your king-7"TKO 1000 clear vinyl
Polyrhytmics/Super hi fi-7" Electric Cowbell
Preteen Zenith -s/t - 12" Good 2000 (new band from  Tim DeLaughter of The Preteen Zenith Good Records 180G colored swirled LP 2000
Polyphonic Spree and Tripping Recordings with CDR Daisy)
Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro 7"
Finn Riggins - Benchwarmers 10" 300 copies
Saddest landscape-cover your heart-7" Top Shelf Records
Scientists-EP-7" Agitated
Sense Field-killed for less-LP Revelation 500 orange vinyl
Sonnymoon - Wild Rumpus 7"
Testors-together-7" Windian
The Wake - Here Comes Everybody Box Set LP Captured Tracks
Whatever Brains-RSD 7" Sorry State Records 200
Windy & Carl - S/T (EP) 12" Blue Flea (250 blue, 250 green)
Winter Boys (Jesse Tabich of Other Lives, Tyson Meade of Chainsaw Kittens) - Winter Boys Cutting A Rug 7"
Wooden Wand & Catherine Irwin-7" PIAPTK
VA  - BRING BEER LP 12XU RECORDS (Austin music comp with Carolee, Chris Brokaw, Philip Sambol (of the Strange Boys), G. Green and even the Air Traffic Controller) 300
VA-WTNG 89.9 FM:Solid Bronze-LP Numero Group 500 pink 500 black
VA-from the vaults of ric & ron records rare and unreleased recordings-7" box Numero Group 1000 copies

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