Sufjan Stevens "Songs for Christmas" and other general news...

It has been brought to our attention by a customer that most places in town (Borders, Manifest, etc.) are out of the Sufjan Stevens "Songs for Christmas" 5xCD box. We are glad to inform you that we have a whole bunch and for $17.99, which is our price every day, not some gimmick sale price before it gets jacked to some other price. You should come buy one.

Also, we do of course sell gift certificates for the people on your Christmas list that want one or you're not sure what they want or don't already have. We sell them for any amount you want and they never expire.

For this week we have liberally extended hours, which means we'll probably be here until 9 PM every night and if you're shopping around we aren't going to kick you out right at closing time. Then again, that's usually the case. Some nights when we have shows we're selling stuff until 11 PM. We also let you use our nice clean bathroom, unlike some other customer-unfriendly record stores.

Lastly, we've got a lot of new stuff in these last couple weeks and more on the way but haven't really had time to type up a proper new arrivals list. Sorry about that. We've got cool stuff like Mark Ryden Christmas cards, Slingshot 2007 organizers, FM3 Buddha Machines, loads of books, tons of dvd box sets, etc. Some record highlights include the Clash "singles" 19 7" box set(!), Metallica "Metal Up Your Ass" LP, Mastodon picture discs, and many many more.

Scott & Lunchbox monkeys

New David Childers & Modern Don Juans cd in stock now!!

Hey, the fine folks in David Childers & the Modern Don Juans have been kind enough to drop us off a box off their new cd "Burning In Hell".

14 brand new songs....only $11.99!

Mama; Close The Door Lightly; In The Early Morning; Your Crime; Burning In Hell; Little Summertime Girl; Ranlo; Used To Be Mine; Little Cindy; Going Home; Soldiertown; The Living And The Dead; What Will Become Of The Child; A Good Man For The Night

We have the cheapest LP sleeves & supplies in town

7" sleeves: $0.08 each or $6.00 for 100 (compare to Bags Unlimited price $12/100)

LP sleeves: $0.15 each or $12.00/100 (compare to Bags Unlimited price $18/1000 or Manifest price $28/100)

We also have 10" sleeves, 7" inner sleeves, LP inner sleeves, Discwasher record cleaning kits, 45 insert adapters, 7" & LP mailers, and storage boxes.

1st Anniversary Sale, Calabi Yau 7", more....

Hey, guess what? It's our first anniversary of being a store. One year later we've sold a lot of stuff and appreciate everyone's patronage. We've had over 100 bands play here in the last year helping (we hope) bring some good bands to Charlotte that otherwise wouldn't have played here and helping some local bands build their following.

To celebrate this we are having a 1st Anniversary/Customer Appreciation Sale. Everything in the store is at least 10% off all weekend. All new stuff is 10% off, all used stuff is 20% off, and all used stuff below $5 is 50% off!!!

We also have 2 shows this weekend so come out and have some fun as well:

December 1, Friday - 8:00 PM - ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!!
Warhammer 48k
Double Negative

December 3, Sunday - 8:00 PM
The Scare - D.C. Hardcore
Mean Streets

Also, many of you probably don't realize this, but long before we moved to Charlotte and opened this store, there was a record label run by my brother & I (overwhelmingly him, I just did art and other shitwork) called Lunchbox Records. It has been dormant for quite a while, with the exception of the Car Vs. Driver discography cd (out on Stickfigure Records). However, we are proud to announce that soon enough we will have Lunchbox Records ..12 in our hands, the first 7" from Charlotte's own Calabi Yau. This is a split release with Dindin Records and should be out in a few weeks. We're working on something else as well, but that's a little bit further down the road.

Scott & the Lunchbox Monkeys & Robots