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- four 7"es including 8 non-album, character introduction songs (visit store a second time to pick up) June 28th

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The Story:

Fucked Up have the most perfect name for any band in rock history. In two words it bluntly states the truth that lies at the heart of the white noise maelstrom - things are different from what you expect.

Right from the start this Toronto band has been pushing musical and conceptual boundaries. Forming ostensibly as a punk band, they swiftly took on hardcore and twisted it into their own version, with a psychedelic edge, unexpected instrumentation like flute and keyboards, and songs stretched to perverse lengths.
They initially released a series of impossible to find 7” singles, all with related artwork that sometimes landed them in trouble, and sometimes looked like they came from the late 60s, when minds were melting with possibilities. There were also albums that continued this theme, each one more bold and adventurous.

Meanwhile, the band’s gigs took on legendary status. Frontman Damian Abraham's nude stage dives and blood-strewn face were becoming a lunatic motif for a take on the hardcore genre that constantly upended assumptions: lyrics about plants and rebirth, moneys to charities for battered women. All the time, there was a sense of a narrative, and even in their loudest moments there was a deep intelligence to their music.

The narrative itself has come to full fruition on their new album, the 78-minute
David Comes To Life rock opera, an album set to a play.

In the punk wars the rock opera was held up as the ultimate example of decadent capitalist-pig rock, the kind of opulent, navel-gazing fodder of faded rock dictators clinging onto power by their filthy fingernails and their tediously long records. It breaks the strict rules of punk and is precisely the reason why Fucked Up have presented this mammoth work.

Their whole history has been mashing ferocious but highly thought-out music with brilliant concepts and Situationist philosophy. They have now made their ultimate statement, tying up all the loose ends and question marks in this sprawling, yet consistently brilliant album.

In anyone else’s hands, David Comes To Life might be a disaster, but Fucked Up are in a different lineage – the concept album, after all, was invented by the Kinks or the Pretty Things and even the Who’s huffing-and-puffing Tommy and Hawkwind’s Space Ritual. You could even include some of the Crass albums as concept albums if you really thought about it – darkly powerful works that let you enter a parallel universe.

Though no less monumental, it is far more melodic than their breakthrough The Chemistry of Common Life. There are more female vocals, which work in perfect contrast to Abraham's highly effective wounded bull growl. The band sound tighter and with more space for the flourishes and imaginative songwriting that entwine their love of fey British indie pop with heavy riffing, and some genuinely twisted turns. Perhaps most grippingly, the triple-guitar interplay between Mike Haliechuk, Josh Zucker and Ben Cook has risen to symphonic levels. They channel musicians from Angus Young, Pete Townshend and Liam Gallagher to Bob Stinson and Lyle Preslar with ease and grace.

The result is better than Sham's That's Life, less desperate than SF Sorrow, a finer cultural self reference than Arthur and Village Green, a better tribute to plants than Dopesmoker, and more a unmixable album than Loveless. But you can hear all these musical touchstones in David's multi-layered melodic filigree.

New Releases April 26th

Here's the new releases for the last couple of weeks:

  • About Group - Start and Complete - CD -
  • About Group - Start and Complete - LP -
  • Agoraphobic Nosebleed - On + On - CD -
  • An Horse - Walls - CD -
  • An Horse - Walls - LP -
  • Atmosphere - Family Sign - CD -
  • Atmosphere - Family Sign - LP -
  • Autechre - EPs 1991-2002 - CD - 5xCD box set
  • Bad Brains - God Of Love - LP -
  • Big Pauper - Beyond My Means - LP -
  • Black Mountain - Rollercoaster - 7inch -
  • Bootsy Collins - Tha Funk - CD -
  • Bouncing Souls - Live at Generation Records - LP -
  • Cass McCombs - Wit's End - cassette
  • Cass McCombs - Wit's End - CD -
  • Cass McCombs - Wit's End - LP -
  • Chatham County Line - IV - LP - now on vinyl
  • David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights - Left By Soul - CD -
  • Dennis Coffey - S/T - LP -
  • Des Ark - Don't Rock the Boat - Sink the F+cker - CD -
  • Des Ark - Don't Rock the Boat - Sink the F+cker - LP -
  • Donkeys - Born With Stripes - CD -
  • Donkeys - Born With Stripes - LP -
  • Echocentrics - Sunshadows - LP -
  • Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care - CD - new album - packaging is over the top
  • Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care - LP - new album - packaging is over the top
  • Fake Problems / Gaslight Anthem - Songs For Teenagers - 7inch -
  • Figurines - S/T - LP -
  • Flaming Lips - Heady Nuggs - LP - 5xLP box set
  • Freddie T. & the People - People In - LP - Fred Erskine (June of 44, Hoover, Abilene) plays no-wave funk ala early !!! meets go-go
  • Fresh & Onlys - Secret Walls - CD -
  • Fresh & Onlys - Secret Walls - LP -
  • Funkadelic - Let's Take It To The Stage - LP - reissue
  • Funkadelic - Tales of Kidd Funkadelic - LP - reissue
  • GG King - Esoteric Lore - LP - Greg King of Carbonas solo LP
  • Generifus - In My Cave - 7inch -
  • Globes - Future Self - CD -
  • Globes - Future Self - LP -
  • Green Day - Awesome as F+ck - LP -
  • James Blake - S/T - LP -
  • Joe Lally - Why Should I Get Used to It - CD -
  • Joe Lally - Why Should I Get Used to It - LP -
  • Just Ice - Masterpiece - CD - reissue of hip-hop classic
  • Kort - Invariable Heartache - CD - Kurt Wagner of Lambchop - Lp delayed
  • Matthew Robert Cooper - Some Days Are Better Than Others - CD - Eluvium guy does a soundtrack to a movie you'll probably never see
  • Matthew Robert Cooper - Some Days Are Better Than Others - LP - Eluvium guy does a soundtrack to a movie you'll probably never see
  • Mono/poly - Manifestations - LP -
  • Mount Moriah - S/T - CD -
  • Nickel Creek - S/T - LP -
  • Nickel Creek - This Side - LP -
  • Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die? - LP -
  • Nine 11 Thesaurus - Ground Zero Generals - CD -
  • Nomeansno - Wrong - LP - reissue
  • O'Death - Outside - CD -
  • O'Death - Outside - LP -
  • Of Montreal - Controllersphere - CD - new EP
  • Of Montreal - Controllersphere - LP - new EP
  • Pat Jordache - Future Songs - CD -
  • Pat Jordache - Future Songs - LP -
  • Pearl Jam - Vitalogy - LP - reissue
  • Pearl Jam - Vs. - LP - reissue
  • Planet Patrol - S/T - CD - reissue of soul/electro classic
  • Poly Styrene - Generation Indigo - CD - solo album from X-Ray Spex singer
  • Poly Styrene - Generation Indigo - LP - solo album from X-Ray Spex singer
  • Prefuse 73 - Only She Chapters - CD -
  • Prefuse 73 - Only She Chapters - LP -
  • Pygmy Lush - Cold World - 7inch -
  • Pygmy Lush - Old Friends - CD -
  • Pygmy Lush - Old Friends - LP -
  • Religious Knives - Smokescreen - CD -
  • Religious Knives - Smokescreen - LP -
  • Rise Against / Face To Face - Split - 7inch -
  • Ryan Dinosaur - demo cassette - Ryan of Bukkake Boys and GG King of Carbonas / GG King
  • Shinji Masuko - Woven Music - LP - member of DMBQ/Boredoms
  • Sleigh Bells - Treats - LP - back in print and NOT a picture disc!
  • Sonny & the Sunsets - Hit After Hit - CD -
  • Sonny & the Sunsets - Hit After Hit - LP -
  • Steve Earle - I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive - CD - LP out 5/10
  • Swingin Utters - Here Under Protest - CD - Lp in next week
  • Sych - Lunar Roulette - LP - avant jazz quartet of Wally Shoup, C. Spencer Yeh (BURNING STAR CORE), Chris Corsano (RANGDA, BJORK, JANDEK, SIR RICHARD BISHOP, SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE), & Bill Horist (BILL FRISELL, EUGENE CHADBOURNE)
  • T. Rex - Tanx - CD - reissue
  • T. Rex - Tanx - LP - reissue
  • T. Rex - Zinc Alloy - CD - reissue
  • T. Rex - Zinc Alloy - LP - reissue
  • Teengenerate - Smash Hits - LP - back in print
  • Thao & Mirah - S/T - CD - two great tastes combined
  • Thao & Mirah - S/T - LP - two great tastes combined
  • Times New Viking - Dancer Enquired - CD -
  • Times New Viking - Dancer Enquired - LP -
  • Tindersticks - Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009 - CD - 5xCD box set - LP set delayed
  • VA- - Atlanta Demos - cassette - w/Carbonas, Cold Stare, Die Ficken, Despot Hut
  • X-Ray Eyeballs - Not Nothing - CD -
  • X-Ray Eyeballs - Not Nothing - LP -

A Few More RSD Notes

Just a few short things that I forgot in the last post:

THE SALE IS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, but if you want Record Store Day titles it's best to show up Saturday since many things will sell out then. I'll try to post a list of what's left on our Facebook page Sunday.

Also, we will stay open a little later Saturday and Sunday we will be open 12pm-7pm and perhaps a little later if it stays busy.

Lastly, here is a list of RSD items and what we have received. Everything we have copies of is marked with an X. We have copies of most everything you could want except I guess we need to kiss up to Jack White some more since we got dissed :P

And a few other things we got zeroed on, but overall I'm really happy with our fill - it's better than any other year. We didn't get a ton of anything, so get here early and good luck!

click here for the list.

Record Store Day Is This Saturday, April 16th!

In case you haven't heard or read about this, this Saturday we'll be taking part in the fourth annual Record Store Day, which is actually being held across the globe. For some info on what it's all about -- although you can pretty much assume what its motivations are -- check out


Last year was awesome and the enthusiasm for RSD seems to grow every year with even more tons of releases coming out that day that are limited this year. From the measly 10-20 releases the first year it has now ballooned into over 200 releases. We've participated every year and have tried to grow with it as well, although this is the first year that we've been the only shop in Charlotte taking part. This means we had to consider some things that before we wouldn't have even thought about, and it gives us a new opportunity to make new friends and customers with folks that normally would have gone to some other store across town before they got bought out by a corporation.

Now, what does this mean for you? Well, over the past week we've been receiving tons of freebie goodies to give away in honor of Record Store Day. If you stop by on Saturday, we'll have a bag full of free stuff for you. It's first-come, first-serve, so if we're out of them by the time you get here, we're sorry. So try to make it earlier rather than later. These includes free 7"s, CDs, posters, buttons, stickers, shirts, etc.

ALSO there are Record Store Day EXCLUSIVES for sale only at participating indie stores. These are almost all very limited in nature, and in many case we did NOT get that many or as many as we ordered, so be ready. There were way more labels participating this year so there are bound to be some things I didn't even know about as well. We're trying our best to get everything though, but sometimes things slip through the cracks and with this many releases we had to budget ourselves a bit as well. There are also a bunch of UK ONLY releases, such as the Radiohead 12". We WILL NOT have the UK releases and cannot get them. A lot of people keeping asking since there are some nice ones, but those are for UK stores only.

There is an extensive list of the releases coming out here. I encourage you to read it and maybe even print it out to make a checklist so you don't forget something in the excitement of it all.

PDF list of RSD releases:

From the RSD website:

"THEY’RE HERE! The thing a lot of you are looking forward to, of course, are the special pieces coming to your favorite record store on April 16. Here’s a list of them, one you can print out, check off and take to your local record store. We’re doing things a little differently this year, so you’ll see a few different categories here:

RECORD STORE DAY RELEASES These are titles that are only being released for this day. These are true Record Store Day Exclusives.

“WINDOWED” RELEASES These are titles that will only be available in record stores on Record Store Day, but will someday be available to other retailers down the line.

REGIONAL/SMALL RUN RELEASES These are titles that are being released only to a certain region of stores, or have such a small run or distribution that the majority of participating stores will not have access to them. We feel it’s important to include these releases and celebrate the spirit in which they are released.

And remember: LIMITED EDITION, BABY. A lot of these titles have limited runs. You may not get your hands on all the pieces you want. Your STORE may not get their hands on all the pieces they want. That’s the nature of limited releases. But that’s what makes them so exciting! "

You can also view the list as a webpage with pictures of the releases here.

To try to keep things more civil and manageable this year, we're going to have someone at the door so that 100 people don't try to cram in the store all at once. We are trying to make things run as smooth as possible and hopefully keep waiting to a minimum.

ALSO, we will be having a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to be drawn on Saturday night.

AND IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THIS...we're going to bring out as many posters (and trust us, we have billions of them) & whatever else we can find to give to you. It helps us, it helps you, it helps the world. Ok, maybe not the whole world. But we hope you'll enjoy what you can have.

The only requirement to get all this stuff is to stop by and buy something -- or, at the very least, look around and see if there's anything you want. We appreciate the year-round business that everyone in this community (and beyond) has brought us, year after year. Stop by on this new holiday and get a little something back.

AND most importantly, we are having a Record Store Day Sale. Or you can call it our 5.5 year anniversary sale. Anyhow, here's the deal:

EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS 15% OFF! - LPs, CDs, DVDs, 7"s, 10"s, books, stickers, patches, everything! Saturday only!
****Due to the limited nature of Record Store Day releases, however, those are not included in the sale.****

IN ADDITION ALL USED CDS & DVDS ARE BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! - This is combined with the 15% off.

And now for the stinky rules:

-Record Store Day items are limited to ONE PER CUSTOMER PER TITLE. I'm sorry if your cousin in Tuscaloosa doesn't have a record store nearby. We're looking out for locals first, and more importantly trying to discourage Ebay flippers.

-Please do not get mad at me if something is sold out or didn't come in. Several items have already been delayed or cancelled and several others I was never able to find. It's up to each store owner/buyer to order these things which means we have to hunt them down and also means we have to pay for them up front. Records are non-returnable which means this day is a stressful risk for us that usually works out. Also please realize that Lunchbox Records is run by one person 95% of the time. I try my hardest to order what regular customers buy and ask about first, then other items after that, but it's all a guessing game and I'm bound to guess wrong sometimes.

We will be having some bands play too, but a few things fell apart or were miscommunicated so it's just these two unless someone else offers in the next couple of days...

LIVE MUSIC BY (times are general targets):

SLED 6:30

See you Saturday!!

Now for my rant...(reprinted from year one of RSD for your convenience)

You're probably wondering what RECORD STORE DAY is anyway? I was at first too. But it's basically a revamped customer appreciation day where hopefully you the customer appreciates us as well and the fact that you live in or near a town that still has independent record stores. I personally don't like to buy things online, but lots of people do. But it's great to know that you can go to a store and browse and stumble on things you never would have thought of or heard of otherwise. You don't get too much of that online. We also do everything in our capabilities to sell you records as cheap as we can. This means buying direct whenever possible and searching for deals and unfortunately not bringing some stuff in because big labels like to give chain stores better deals than the little guy. Our prices for most things we stock are typically $2-$5 cheaper than the big store across town. We don't do sales often because we prefer to make it cheap all of the time. We stock tons of LPs and 7"s because we love the format and when I opened this store the other stores we're still busy trying to kill the format. I believe in independent music and labels and try to stock as much as I can which means a lot of lesser known indie, punk and metal titles.

I've been going to record stores since as long as I can remember, buying my first 7" in 1984 and getting into punk a couple years later. It wasn't until I moved to Atlanta that I had good stores that stocked underground releases and I've been addicted ever since. If I didn't love record stores I wouldn't own one. I'd go get a job that made a lot more money. People come in here a lot and tell me they love the store and it's great, and lots of out of town folks and bands do too. I really have no reference point on that anymore since I'm here seven days a week. There's only 2 other stores that sell vinyl in town, one is oldies oriented and the other banned me for life when I stopped working there and opened my own store. So I never get to go to any other stores and just try to make mine the one I would want to go to. I'm nowhere near that point yet and am working to improve it all of the time. I value people's suggestions and take them seriously, probably a little too seriously. But if you don't tell me what you want I can't read minds. The point of this being that I think the store is pretty good, and there are tons of folks that don't have a decent record store anywhere near them. So hopefully you'll support us. I realize the store isn't for everybody though.

We will continue to sell you lots of records we and you think are cool, and we will continue to have shows in the store as long as I can and bring awesome out of town bands to Charlotte. We are very thankful of those of you that have supported us for the last 5.5 years. And if you've never been here before, please come visit us.


New Releases April 12th

• ANS / Ramming Speed - Split - LP -
• Annihilation Time - II - LP - reissue of second LP with bonus 7"
• Between the Buried & Me - Parallex - CD -
• Bob Dylan - Brandeis 1963 - CD - LP out on RSD
• Bomb The Music Industry - To Leave or Die... - LP -
• Booker T. & the MG's - Best Of - LP -
• Bouncing Souls - Complete Control Session - 10inch -
• Burial - Street Halo - LP -
• Feelies - Here Before - CD - new album
• Feelies - Here Before - LP - new album
• Femi Kuti - Africa for Africa - LP -
• Foo Fighters - Wasting Light - CD -
• Foo Fighters - Wasting Light - LP -
• Generationals - Actor-Cast - CD -
• Hauschka - Salon Des Amateurs - CD -
• Holy Grail - Crisis In Utopia - LP -
• Jeff Buckley - Grace - LP - reissue
• Jeremy Jay - Dream Diary - LP -
• Joan As Police Woman - Deep Field - CD -
• Joan As Police Woman - Deep Field - LP -
• KEN Mode - Venerable - LP -
• Kicking Spit - Psychrockbullshit - LP -
• Lake - Giving and Receiving - CD -
• Lake - Giving and Receiving - LP -
• Little Scream - The Golden Record - CD -
• Little Scream - The Golden Record - LP -
• Low - C'Mon - CD -
• Low - C'Mon - LP -
• Lull - Confetti - CD -
• Mazes - A Thousand Heys - CD -
• Mazes - A Thousand Heys - LP -
• Meat Puppets - Lollipop - CD -
• Meat Puppets - Lollipop - LP -
• Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - LP - reissue
• Old Calf - Borrow A Horse - CD - Ned Oldham's new band, for fans of Bonnie Prince Billy/Will Oldham
• Old Calf - Borrow A Horse - LP - Ned Oldham's new band, for fans of Bonnie Prince Billy/Will Oldham
• Panda Bear - Tomboy - CD - Animal Collective dude
• Panda Bear - Tomboy - LP - Animal Collective dude
• Paul Simon - So Beautiful - CD - LP out on RSD
• Ponytail - Do Whatever You Want All The Time - CD -
• Ponytail - Do Whatever You Want All The Time - LP -
• Red Fang - Murder - CD - ex-Last of the Juanitas
• Red Fang - Murder - LP - ex-Last of the Juanitas
• Rosetta - Determinism - LP -
• Sounds - Something To Die For - LP -
• Thursday - No Devolucion - CD -
• Thursday - No Devolucion - LP -
• Title Fight - Flood of '72 - 7inch -
• Tv On The Radio - Nine Types of Light - CD -
• Tv On The Radio - Nine Types of Light - LP -
• Victims - Dissident - CD -
• Victims - Dissident - LP -
• Vivian Girls - Share the Joy - CD -
• Vivian Girls - Share the Joy - LP -
• Whiskeytown - Pneumonia - LP - reissue-first time ever on vinyl
• Young Widows - In and Out of Youth and Lightness - CD - awesome new album!!!
• Young Widows - In and Out of Youth and Lightness - LP - awesome new album!!!

New Releases April 5th

• Alela Diane - Alela Diane & Wild Vine - CD -
• Alela Diane - Alela Diane & Wild Vine - LP -
• Bill Callahan - Apocalypse - CD - (smog) guy's newest album
• Bill Callahan - Apocalypse - LP - (smog) guy's newest album
• Bishop Manning - Converted Mind - CD -
• Blueprint - Adventures In Counter Culture - LP -
• Bright Eyes - People's Key - LP - back in stock w/ different packaging and thus cheaper now
• Burzum - Fallen - CD - LPs not here yet :(
• Coasting - Same Old Same Old - 7inch -
• Coheed & Cambria - The Second Stage Turbine Blade - LP - colored vinyl
• Cold Cave - Cherish The Light Years - CD -
• Cold Cave - Cherish The Light Years - LP -
• Da - ! - LP - early Chicago post-punk
• Dropkick Murphys - Going Out In Style - LP - now on vinyl - colored vinyl even
• Dug Dugs - Los Dug Dugs - LP - reissue - Spanish psych
• Dug Dugs - Smog - LP - reissue - Spanish psych
• Ed Askew - Imperfection - LP -
• F+cked Up - Coke Sucks Drink Pepsi - LP - have very few of these
• Gary Higgins - A Dream A While Back - LP -
• Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX - I'll Take Care of U - LP - new 12" single
• Kills - Blood Pressure - CD - the female singer of Dead Weather's other band
• Kills - Blood Pressure - LP - the female singer of Dead Weather's other band
• La La Vasquez - S/T - 7inch -
• Maritime - Human Hearts - CD - ex-Promise Ring folks 3rd album
• Maritime - Human Hearts - LP - ex-Promise Ring folks 3rd album
• Michael Hurley - Have Moicy! - LP -
• Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave - CD -
• Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave - LP -
• Robbie Robertson - How to Become Clairvoyant - CD - LP out 4/26
• Silver Shampoo - Higher & Higher - LP -
• Smithereens - 2011 - CD -
• Sophia Knapp - Nothing To Lose - 7inch -
• Sticks - Scrapes - 7inch -
• Tacwacores - DVD - movie about punk muslims
• Toro Y Moi - Underneath the Pine - LP - back in stock
• Tutu & the Pirates - Sub-urban - LP - early Chicago proto-punk
• VA - Holy Fuzz - LP - Christian Psych from 60s & 70s
• Wheedle's Groove - DVD - documentary on Seattle soul from '60s & '70s