A Few More RSD Notes

Just a few short things that I forgot in the last post:

THE SALE IS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, but if you want Record Store Day titles it's best to show up Saturday since many things will sell out then. I'll try to post a list of what's left on our Facebook page Sunday.

Also, we will stay open a little later Saturday and Sunday we will be open 12pm-7pm and perhaps a little later if it stays busy.

Lastly, here is a list of RSD items and what we have received. Everything we have copies of is marked with an X. We have copies of most everything you could want except I guess we need to kiss up to Jack White some more since we got dissed :P

And a few other things we got zeroed on, but overall I'm really happy with our fill - it's better than any other year. We didn't get a ton of anything, so get here early and good luck!

click here for the list.