Lunchbox Holiday Hours

12/22 - 10 AM - 9 PM Tuesday
12/24 - 10 AM - 9 PM Wednesday
12/23 - 10 AM - 6 PM Thursday/Christmas eve
12/25 - CLOSED zzzzzzz
12/26 - 10 AM - 9 PM Saturday
12/27 - 12 PM - 6 PM Sunday
12/28 -12/30 - 12 PM - 8 PM 
12/31 - 12 PM - 6 PM

1/1/16 - 12 - 9 PM

Black Friday Releases Update - AKA What We Have Left

Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday. Don't forget our storewide sale continues all weekend! Here is a list of what we currently have left of the limited Black Friday Record Store Day releases. Many of these are down to one or two copies so hurry before they are gone. Also from today on you can buy as many copies as you like of something.


Adams, Terry With NRBG -Ta l k T h e l o n i u s 2 X LP 
Animals as Leaders -Animals as Leaders 2 X LP
Beck -Dreams 12"
Behemoth -Pandemonic Incantations LP
Big Star -Jesus Christ 10" 
Buzzcocks -Another Music In A Different Kitchen LP
California - Hate the Pilot 7”
Cardigans -Long Gone Before Daylight LP
Clash -The Clash LP (uk version)
Clitboys - We Don’t Play 7”
Collins, Phil -In the Air Tonight 7" 
Crackerbsh - Live LP
Damnation A.D. -Kingdom of Lost Souls LP
Dead Moon - Black 7”
Death By Stereo – Day Of The Death vinyl
Deerhoof -Fever 121614 LPThe Dictators -The Next Big Thing EP-10" 
Dressy Bessy -Lady Liberty 7"
Farside – The Monroe Doctrine Red Vinyl
Felt -Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet (10 Year Anniversary Edition) 4 x LP 
Finn, Neil + Paul Kelly -Goin' Your Way (Highlights) LP
Gang of Four -Songs of the Free LP 
Get Up Kids -EP 10" 
Giddens, Rhiannon -Factory Girl 10" 
Glitch Mob -Love Death Immortality + Piece of the Indestructible 2 X LP with   10" bundle
Green Day Explicit)(2LP Red, White & Black Colored Vinyl)
Hendrix, Jimi -Burning Desire 2 x LP
Holcomb, Roscoe -San Diego State Folk Festival 1972 LP
Howlin' Wolf -The London Howlin' Wolf London Sessions LP
Ikebe Shakedown - Hard Steppin' (7")
The Isley Brothers -Groove With You... LIVE! 2 X LP
Jennings, Waylon -Waylon Jennings Live In Concert Vol 2   LP
Judas Priest -Painkiller 25th Anniversary 10" 
The Kinks -Kwyet Kinks7" 
The Kinks -Dedicated Kinks 7" 
Lewis, Jerry Lee -Jerry Lee Lewis LP
Lush -Ciao! Best Of 2 X LP
Matthews, Eric -It's Heavy In Here 7"
Megadeth -The Threat is Real 12" 
Mekons & Robbie Fulks –Jura LP
Mercury Rev/Lost Horizons -Rainy Day Record 7" 
Otis, Shuggie -Ice Cream Party 7" 
Parsons, Alan -The Turn of A Friendly Card--The Singles 7" 
Robinson, Lee Machine -Family Album LP
Robinson, Rich -Oh! Sweet Nuthin' 7”
Rockabye Baby! -Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac LP
Ronstadt, Linda -Silk Purse LP
S.O.D./ Deftones –Milk 7" 
Spoon -TV Set 10"
Stardeath and White Dwarfs + Casket Girls -What Keeps You Up At Night 12" 
Stone Sour -Straight Outta Burbank LP
Suicide File – Twilight LP Gray vinyl
Suicide File – Some Mistakes LP Clear vinyl
Sunn O))) –Kannon LP white vinyl
Thunders, Johnny -Daddy Rollin' Stone EP 10" 
Trespassers William -Different Stars 2 X LP
Turning Point - 1988-1991 2XLP+7" yellow vinyl
Various Artists -Color of Noise: The Amphetamine Reptile Records Story   Soundtrack Volume 1 (2 X LP)
Various Artists -Garden State Soundtrack 2 X LP
Various Artists -Love and Mercy: Official Soundtrack LP
Various Artists -SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! Original soundtrack LP
Various Artists -Transformers Soundtrack 30th Anniversary 2 X LP
Various Artists -True Detective Soundtrack 2xLP
Vitamin String Quartet -Vitamin String Quartet Performs Modest Mouse’s The   Moon and Antarctica LP
Wilson, Brian -Brian Wilson 2 X LP
Zappa, Frank -Feeding The Monkies at Ma Maison LP Orange Vinyl

Black Friday Record Store Day Sale!

All set up and ready for RSD Black Friday! Tons of limited releases and we have some of everything minus the few that got cancelled. Plus:

•First 100 customers get a free limited Lunchbox Records shirt!

•Everything in the store at least 15% off all weekend (excludes Black Friday RSD releases)

•Used LPs & 7"s under $5 are 50% off!

•Used CDs $8 and under are $3 and those $3 and under are 50% off!

•Used tapes $2 and under are 50% off!

•All previous RSD items from April 2015 and earlier are 50% off!

•All markdown LPs which were previously half off are now just $5. So much good stuff in there but I don't want to move it all in a couple months. 

We've never done a sale like this before but it's our unofficial 10th anniversary so why the hell not? We are moving to a bigger location soon and we want to clear stuff out to make room and have less to move. And the impending bills of architects, engineers, permits, electricians, floors, paint, etc. need to be paid. Thanks for everything and we hope to see you this weekend !

List of RSD Black Friday releases here: 


We Are Moving In 2016

So rather than string people along and them think bad things here’s the news:

Yes, Lunchbox Records will be moving in a few months after 10 years in our current spot to a bigger location. This will not happen until 2016 due to the amount of work we have to do to the building, permits involved, not trying to have a heart attack at Christmas time, etc. 

The new space is just half a mile up the road, still on Central Ave at 825 Central Ave in a building that was formerly a funeral home. Don’t worry, we shooed all of the ghosts away. New zip code, same street and same great neighborhood. 

• almost 3 times as big!
• bigger stage area means we can have bands play again!
• our own dedicated parking lot not trolled by greedy sharks!
• a bike rack!
• more space for lots more used records!

A before and after shot of some of our exterior progress with more to come:

This has been something we’ve been working on for years, with a few failed attempts along the way. Oddly enough most developers don’t seem to want to work with a local record store, but I’m extremely happy with our current plans and glad everything has worked out the way it has. You may have heard rumors of us moving for a while and that’s because we’ve been trying for a while. Our current building was recently sold but these plans precede that and have nothing to do with it. Our current landlord is not kicking us out and has no immediate plans for the building. This is an expansion, not an eviction. 

I am more than aware that our current space is cramped and I have thousands and thousands of used LPs in storage waiting to go out, so this should help rectify the two most common complaints/requests we get at the store. 

We look forward to serving your for many more years and hope you can join us.

Again, this is not happening until the beginning of next year, assuming all goes as planned!

If you have further questions please contact Scott at

Record Store Day is Saturday April 18th!!!

In case you haven't heard or read about this, this Saturday we'll be taking part in the 8th annual Record Store Day, which is actually being held across the globe. For some info on what it's all about -- although you can pretty much assume what its motivations are -- check out


We will be open until at least 9 PM and on Sunday we will be open from 12 PM until 7 PM.


Last year was awesome and the enthusiasm for RSD seems to grow every year with even more tons of releases coming out that day that are limited this year. From the measly 10-20 releases the first year it has now ballooned into over 400 releases. We've participated every year and have tried to grow with it as well. 

Now, what does this mean for you? Well, over the past week we've been receiving freebie goodies to give away in honor of Record Store Day. If you stop by on Saturday, we'll have a bag full of free stuff for you. It's first-come, first-serve, so if we're out of them by the time you get here, we're sorry. So try to make it earlier rather than later. These includes free 7"s, CDs, posters, buttons, stickers, etc.

We will also have lots of new stickers to give away, and the first 150 customers will get a free RECORD STORE DAY themed Lunchbox beer koozie (design below) and T-shirt (until we run out of your size). 

ALSO there are Record Store Day EXCLUSIVES for sale only at participating indie stores. These are almost all very limited in nature, and in many case we did not get that many or as many as we ordered, but generally we have a good quantity on most. We may run out of things, so it's better to get here early. We're trying our best to get everything though, but sometimes things slip through the cracks and with this many releases we had to budget ourselves a bit as well. There are also a bunch of UK ONLY releases - we will have very few of the UK releases and cannot get most. A lot of people keeping asking since there are some nice ones, but most are for UK stores only.

There is an extensive list of the releases coming out here. I encourage you to read it and maybe even print it out to make a checklist so you don't forget something in the excitement of it all.

List of 2015 RSD releases we are getting:

There are descriptions of many of the releases on

To try to keep things more civil and manageable again this year, we're going to have someone at the door so that 100 people don't try to cram in the store all at once. We are trying to make things run as smooth as possible and hopefully keep waiting to a minimum. This system worked well last year and is the fairest way we can think of.

ALSO, we will be having a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to be drawn on Saturday night. We will also be giving Enter to win test presses of RSD releases by MASTODON, PRINCE, LINKIN PARK, FLAMING LIPS, WU-TANG CLAN & more, a Led Zeppelin LP box set, and Daft Punk LP box set!!! And Michael has made a special comic for RSDand Brett has made a special RSD 7" release with Bo White!

The only requirement to get all this stuff is to stop by and buy something -- or, at the very least, look around and see if there's anything you want. We appreciate the year-round business that everyone in this community (and beyond) has brought us, year after year. Stop by on this new holiday and get a little something back.

AND most importantly, we are having a Record Store Day Sale. Or you can call it our 9.5 year anniversary sale. Anyhow, here's the deal:

EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS 15% OFF! - LPs, CDs, DVDs, 7"s, 10"s, books, stickers, patches, everything! Saturday & Sunday only!
****Due to the limited nature of Record Store Day releases, however, those are not included in the sale.****

IN ADDITION ALL USED CDS & DVDS ARE BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! - This is combined with the 15% off.

This sale is for SATURDAY & SUNDAY - so come see us all weekend.

ALL LPS IN THE MARKDOWN BINS ARE NOW 50% OFF. (assuming we have room to put them somewhere )

And now for the stinky rules:

-Record Store Day items are limited to ONE PER CUSTOMER PER TITLE. I'm sorry if your cousin in Nantucket doesn't have a record store nearby. We're looking out for locals first, and more importantly trying to discourage Ebay flippers.
-Please do not get mad at me if something is sold out or didn't come in. It's up to each store owner/buyer to order these things which means we have to hunt them down and also means we have to pay for them up front. Records are non-returnable which means this day is a stressful risk for us that usually works out. Also please realize that Lunchbox Records is small operation. I try my hardest to order what regular customers buy and ask about first, then other items after that, but it's all a guessing game and I'm bound to guess wrong sometimes. We posted a list of everything we ordered earlier on our website. Please bear with us and be nice. Hopefully next year we'll have a bigger store (fingers crossed). Rent in Charlotte isn't cheap :( - Yeah, I said this last year too. Landlords are weird if you aren't a bar or restaurant or chain store.

Assuming it doesn't rain all day, we will have some DJs (Stephen Pilker & others) outside in the afternoon, weather permitting. 

See you Saturday!! 

Now for my rant...(reprinted from year one of RSD for your convenience and my lack of time to write another one)

You're probably wondering what RECORD STORE DAY is anyway? I was at first too. But it's basically a revamped customer appreciation day where hopefully you the customer appreciates us as well and the fact that you live in or near a town that still has independent record stores. I personally don't like to buy things online, but lots of people do. But it's great to know that you can go to a store and browse and stumble on things you never would have thought of or heard of otherwise. You don't get too much of that online. We also do everything in our capabilities to sell you records as cheap as we can. This means buying direct whenever possible and searching for deals and unfortunately not bringing some stuff in because big labels like to give chain stores better deals than the little guy. Our prices for most things we stock are typically $2-$5 cheaper than the big store across town. We don't do sales often because we prefer to make it cheap all of the time. We stock tons of LPs and 7"s because we love the format and when I opened this store the other stores we're still busy trying to kill the format. I believe in independent music and labels and try to stock as much as I can which means a lot of lesser known indie, punk and metal titles.

I've been going to record stores since as long as I can remember, buying my first 7" in 1984 and getting into punk a couple years later. It wasn't until I moved to Atlanta that I had good stores that stocked underground releases and I've been addicted ever since. If I didn't love record stores I wouldn't own one. I'd go get a job that made a lot more money. People come in here a lot and tell me they love the store and it's great, and lots of out of town folks and bands do too. I really have no reference point on that anymore since I'm here seven days a week. There's only 2 other stores that sell vinyl in town, one is oldies oriented and the other banned me for life when I stopped working there and opened my own store. So I never get to go to any other stores and just try to make mine the one I would want to go to. I'm nowhere near that point yet and am working to improve it all of the time. I value people's suggestions and take them seriously, probably a little too seriously. But if you don't tell me what you want I can't read minds. The point of this being that I think the store is pretty good, and there are tons of folks that don't have a decent record store anywhere near them. So hopefully you'll support us. I realize the store isn't for everybody though.

We will continue to sell you lots of records we and you think are cool. We are very thankful of those of you that have supported us for the last 9.5 years. And if you've never been here before, please come visit us.