Black Friday Record Store Day Sale!

All set up and ready for RSD Black Friday! Tons of limited releases and we have some of everything minus the few that got cancelled. Plus:

•First 100 customers get a free limited Lunchbox Records shirt!

•Everything in the store at least 15% off all weekend (excludes Black Friday RSD releases)

•Used LPs & 7"s under $5 are 50% off!

•Used CDs $8 and under are $3 and those $3 and under are 50% off!

•Used tapes $2 and under are 50% off!

•All previous RSD items from April 2015 and earlier are 50% off!

•All markdown LPs which were previously half off are now just $5. So much good stuff in there but I don't want to move it all in a couple months. 

We've never done a sale like this before but it's our unofficial 10th anniversary so why the hell not? We are moving to a bigger location soon and we want to clear stuff out to make room and have less to move. And the impending bills of architects, engineers, permits, electricians, floors, paint, etc. need to be paid. Thanks for everything and we hope to see you this weekend !

List of RSD Black Friday releases here: