Merry Xmas & Oi to the world!!! Captain Oi shipment is in, plus more stuff...

Just in-our giant shipment of Captain Oi cds is in. If you're a fan of Oi, street punk, mod, or old school UK punk then come check it out. Over 100 cds from over the pond. No, it's not all Oi, that's just the label name. Lots of UK punk classics too like UK Subs, Chelsea, GBH, Exploited, 999, Adicts, Sham 69 along with Mod stuff by Secret Affair, Chords, Jolt and of course Oi classics by Business, Angelica Upstarts, Last Resort, Red Alert, and loads more.

And best of all they're all $13.99!!! Why pay $18.99 for this stuff across town when we've got it five bucks cheaper?????

Also in:
lots of Dirt Style battle records (Dj Qbert, Invisible Skratch Piklz) $13.99 each
Sonic Youth-Goo LP box set $31.99
lots more new stuff and loads of used stuff.


Lots of new stock in!!! brave the cold and visit Lunchbox!

Just letting you guys know that we've got loads of new stock in since the last time you were in the store. And if you haven't been in the store, what are you waiting for?

We've got lots of stuff in and all of it cheaper than the local giant fake indie store.

We've got the new Earth-Hex LP, Sufjan Stevens LP, Wrangler Brutes 2x8", shitloads of cds and records that I can't type out. We've got in over 1000 NEW records and cds in the last 2 weeks. Come check it out. We'll also special order stuff for you that other stores won't or can't get.

Long live wax-the people's medium.


Lunchbox Records is open

I truly appreciate all of the business and word of mouth that everyone has given the store so far.

I'm still ordering lots and lots of new stuff for the store. It's not just used, although we buy used stuff too and want to buy yours. We have thousands of used records and cds.

After having worked in music retail for 8 years I know lots of people need money for Christmas gifts and that inevitably means selling some records, cds, and dvds. I want to buy those from you. Help support the little guy and I'll give you more than the giant fake indie store anyway.

A little background:

For those of you who may not know, I previously worked for Manifest for 8 years (back when it didn't suck). I was the manager of the Charlotte store for 3 years and actually trained the people that are still there how to buy used so I know very well what they pay. Anyhow, in March of 2004 the store was bought by a company called Value Music Concepts. This company owns over 70 stores most of which are in outlet malls. In case it wasn't already obvious, Manifest is NOT an independent music store. I could tell you stories all day long about how little they care about independent music.

So anyway, I had enough and started my own store because I feel that Charlotte deserves bettter. I have been buying records, playing and booking shows since I was 15 (I'm 30 now), helped run a record label (called Lunchbox also), and have been to hundreds of record stores. I've tried to take the best aspects of each store I've been to and combine them into something unique, uncluttered, and cheap. No one wants to spend $16.99 for a cd and you don't have to, nor should you have to sell your cds and records for 1 or 2 dollars. My prices are consistently cheaper for new stuff and I pay more for used stuff. And like I said before, I'm still getting in hundreds of new cds and records, so give it a shot and tell all your friends.

Lunchbox Records

Also since a lot of people seem confused about it, there is parking to the right of my store next to the barber shop and behind the store as well. And if nothing else, there are hundreds of spaces across the street, but please don't park in front of the pawn shop because they don't like that.