Merry Xmas & Oi to the world!!! Captain Oi shipment is in, plus more stuff...

Just in-our giant shipment of Captain Oi cds is in. If you're a fan of Oi, street punk, mod, or old school UK punk then come check it out. Over 100 cds from over the pond. No, it's not all Oi, that's just the label name. Lots of UK punk classics too like UK Subs, Chelsea, GBH, Exploited, 999, Adicts, Sham 69 along with Mod stuff by Secret Affair, Chords, Jolt and of course Oi classics by Business, Angelica Upstarts, Last Resort, Red Alert, and loads more.

And best of all they're all $13.99!!! Why pay $18.99 for this stuff across town when we've got it five bucks cheaper?????

Also in:
lots of Dirt Style battle records (Dj Qbert, Invisible Skratch Piklz) $13.99 each
Sonic Youth-Goo LP box set $31.99
lots more new stuff and loads of used stuff.