New stock for the week

We've got lots of new stuff in this week and some great stuff coming by the end of the week as well.

Don't forget we buy records, cds & dvds. We buy one or two or whole collections. We'll come to your house if you don't want to drag that heavy stuff up here.


Belle & Sebastian-The Life Pursuit-lp/cd

Jenny Lews & the Watson Twins-Rabbit Fur Coat-lp

Mastodon-Call of The Mastodon-lp/cd (lp is limited colored vinyl)

Ladies-They Mean Us-cd/lp (Rob Crow of Pinback and Zach Hill of Hella!!)

Psychic Ills-Dins-lp/cd

VA-Asthmatic Kitty Comp -Mews Too-cd

Telepathe-Farewell Forest-cd

Back When-We Sang As Ghosts-2xlp/cd


Bones Brigade-Endless Bummer-cd

They & Their Children/Daniel Striped Tiger-split 7"

Expired Youth-Where We...-7"

JOshua Fit For Battle-To Bring Our End-lp

Seein Red-Workspiel-lp

Sweet Cobra-Praise-lp

They & Their Children-Thoughts of Becoming a Ghost-lp

Toru Okadu-s/t-lp

va-generations comp-lp (revelation sxe comp)


Modern Life Is War-Witness-lp

Discharge/MG15-split 7"

Psychic Paramount-Ganelan Into The Mink-cd



Black Mountain-Druganaut-cd

Microphones-Mt. Eerie-cd

Explosions In The Sky-How Strange, Innocence-cd

Songs: Ohia-s/t-lp

Mono-Walking Cloud-lp

Tony Conrad-Four Violins-lp

Tony Conrad-Fantastic Glissando-lp

Explosions In The Sky-Those Who Tell The Truth-cd

Tarentel-Home Ruckus-lp (limited)

Dub Narcotic-Boot Party-lp

Dub Narcotic-Degenerate-lp



Nasum-Grind Finale-2xcd w/book

Buried Inside-Chronoclast-lp/cd

High On Fire-Surrounded by Thieves-cd

High On Fire-Blessed Black Wings-cd

Nile-Annhilation of the Wicked-lp/cd

Nile-In Their Darkness-lp

Uphill Battle-Blurred 99-04-cd

Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah-lp

Darkness-One Way Ticket-lp

Mountain Goats-Letter from Belgium-7"


Stereolab-Kyberneticka, plastic mile, & interlock - three 7"s

Alkaline Trio-Crimson-lp (Euro press on crimson vinyl)

Alkaline trio-Mercy Me-2x7" (import)

Beastie Boys-Paul's Boutique-lp

Belle & Sebastian-Funny Little Frog-7" (import)

Dangerdoom-mouse & the mask-lp

Suicide Girls-DVD

Elliott Smith-From a Basement on the Hill-LP

Nick Cave-First Born is Dead-lp

Captain Sensible-Collection-cd

Cramps-Off the Bone/Songs the Lord Taught Us-2xcd

And this stuff should all be in sometime later this week:

Code Of Honor "Complete Studio" CD

Adverts "Crossing the Red Sea" LP

Buzzcocks "Another Music in a Different" LP

Necros "Conquest for Death" LP

Kraftwerk s/t 2LP

Nirvana "In Utero" LP color

Misfits "Der Mann mit der Totenmaske" LP

Damned "Doom the Damned" LP

Misfits "Necronomicon" LP

Husker Du "Ultracore" LP

Black Flag "White Minority" LP

V/A "Killed By Death 20" LP

V/A "Killed By Death 24" LP

V/A "Killed By Death 999" LP

V/A "Killed By Death 1234" LP

Radio Birdman "Radios Appear" LP

Wipers "Over the Edge" LP

Kyuss / Queens Of The Stone Age split LP

Mayhem / Emperor "Demos" split LP

Morbid Angel / Possessed "Demos" split LP

Nirvana "Nevermind" pic LP

Samhain "NY Breaks Loose" LP

Wire "Honi Soit" LP

Thin Lizzy "Take That Sinner Boy Home" LP

Misfits "Evillive II" LP

Misfits "12 Hits from Hell" LP

Nirvana "Bleach Sessions" LP

Black Flag "Pre-My War Demos" LP

Samhain "Final Descent" LP

Joy Division "Closer" LP

Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" LP

Youth Brigade "Sound & Fury" LP (original version)

Runaways "Cherry Bomb" LP

Thin Lizzy "BBC Sessions" LP

Social Distortion "More Girls" LP

Seconds "Y" LP

Kurt "Schesaplana Plus" 2LP

V/A "No New York" CD

Misfits "Cough/Cool" 7"

Social Distortion "Mommy's Little" LP

Wipers "Rebels with a Cause" LP

Skrewdriver "Early Years" LP

Screamers "Live in SF" DVD

Deerhoof "Dirt Pirate Creed" LP

Toxic Reasons "Dedication" LP