In Stock BF RSD titles 11-30-19

Thanks to everyone that came out and made Black Friday a great day for us. Our storewide sale of 15% off of everything (non-RSD) continues Saturday and Sunday.

Below is a link to a list of  BF RSD titles still in stock. We can ship to you if you like, just email us with what you want and we can pull it and send you a PayPal invoice. Shipping is $5 flat rate. Email is

Please email and we will respond in the order we receive them.

Lunchbox Records BF RSD titles 11-30-19

Please use google docs link as it's easier to update

Black Friday Record Store Day/ 14th Anniversary SALE!!!

All set up and ready for RSD Black Friday! Tons of limited releases and we have some of everything minus the few that got cancelled. Plus:

•Everything in the store is 15% off all weekend (excludes Black Friday RSD releases, shirts)

In addition:

•All used CDs are 50% off!

•All used vinyl $4 and under are 50% off!

•All used cassettes $2 and under are 50% off!

•All previous RSD items 25% off!

•Record Store Day items are limited to one per title per customer, as many titles as you like. This is the fairest way for everyone.

We also have priced almost 800 used LPs in the last few days! Tons of killer stuff!

This week marks the 14th anniversary of Lunchbox Records being open. Thanks to anyone and everyone that has ever helped us, bought something, played a show, spread the word, and just supported us through the years. I honestly never thought I would make it this far and have year after year growth for all 14 years. 
We opened on 11/25/2005 at a time when opening a record store probably made even less sense than it would today. A time before the “vinyl resurgence” when I just wanted a place that sold things other stores wouldn’t despite their huge square footage, a time before you could buy every record on the internet, before force fed vinyl clubs came back, before every label (minus a few hardcore labels) presses every record on 5 different colors. 
It’s been a rough ride of ups and downs and successes, failures, good and horrible decisions, days of extreme glee and days of extreme self doubt and wanting to pack it all in but not knowing what else to do. This last year has been a real test of patience with distributor supply side issues but we are pushing along. The fact is that music has been a part of my life always since a very young age and I couldn’t escape it if I tried. I love music and it’s an enormous part of my life and I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been able to take that love and turn it into a job and something other people like and support. 
Thanks to the people that helped me start it up- my parents and Jennifer for believing in me at the time and pushing me to do it. Kelly Keith, Rob Davis, Lisandro Herrera, Brett Green, Michael Muller, Courtney Devores, Taylor Knox, Bill Ennis, Alex Shaw and anyone else that has ever helped out on RSD, when we moved, or needed a hand. 
I know I’m extremely lucky to have made it this far and that’s what drives me each day to keep trying to make things grow and get better. Thanks for fourteen wonderful years. - come celebrate with us this weekend!

Also, be sure to visit us on Saturday for Small Business Saturday. Remember to #shopsmall and support local businesses, employees, and their families. The money you spend with local independent businesses makes a big difference no matter how small your purchase and your tax dollars stay in your city. 

Our neighborhood and city have grown tremendously since we’ve opened but there are many people that live here that don’t know there are stores like us around. Your word of mouth is the best thing we can ask for and before you order something online for the holidays remember that we will gladly order anything we don’t have for no additional cost and most of our prices are cheaper than most places online. And of course we have thousands of albums in stock every day!

We don’t do very many sales because I prefer everything to just be the cheapest we can sell it for in the first place, and sometimes that’s a lot of extra work on our end but it’s the right thing to do. We don’t change our prices based on the day of the week or month of the year or some other circumstance that the largest monopolistic online stores do. 

Small Business Saturday is promoted by American Express but we encourage you to spend cash if you really want to help out. Our single biggest expense after rent and inventory is credit card processing fees.  

This year has been great and we thank you for you help, support, kind words, purchases, and general love. This is a job I love and look forward to doing for years and years to come. I decided this year to just do an 15% off sale to celebrate our anniversary. Thanks for everything and we hope to see you this weekend !

List of RSD Black Friday releases here (to see pictures-click the "images" button on top left): 

*these releases are not here yet due to shipping issues:
(We received some quantity of everything on that list except these.)

Some we have received shipping notifications on but still don't know if they will show up Friday or later. We have had many problems in the supply side this year from Direct Shot who handles all major label shipping. This is a frustrating issue for us but hopefully this will show up soon: 


CHEAP TRICK - ARE YOU READY LP (received 1 copy but the rest still in shipping purgatory)

*these releases were cancelled or delayed:
DAVE MATTHEWS BAND LP box set - now coming out 12/6
WEEKND - dear melancholy LP - cancelled for now to be rescheduled
TWIZTID - a very Twiztid Christmas 7" - delayed and will arrive when production is finished
We also made some new shirts, sweatshirts and slipmats for the event designed by Lisandro Herrera and Hnin Nie:

We open at 9 AM Friday and King Coffee will be on site to help keep you warm!

-Scott, Brett, Taylor, Courtney & Lee