Grids 7"s Are Finally Here!

Long time no update. Busy trying to actually have a life outside of working 7 days a week I guess. Anyhow of course the big news is that the new Grids 7" is finally out. We are having a record release show on June 12th at the Milestone with Yardwork and Tenspeed Trio. We are pleased to be putting out another record by another great local band. The records will be $4.00 at the show or in the store, but at the show you can get a special limited release cover. More info here.

Also a few other local bands are planning some vinyl release, so be on the lookout for stuff from Lowbrow, Great Architect, and I think a Black Congo LP in the next few months.

We have an in-store performance Saturday, June 13 with Richard Swift who is playing with the Fray at the Charlotte Boutique Amphitheater that night. Here is what Creative Loafing has to say about him:

The Fray blah-blah-blah, hit song on Lost blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-the American Coldplay-blah, etc. The only possible reasons for attending this show if you're not a weepy 16-year-old are to hear what the acoustics sound like at the new Uptown venue, or opener Richard Swift, who's been described as "Prince sitting in on the Plastic Ono Band sessions."

We are still trudging on here at the store. Tons of new release and great used stuff, but with me trying to keep up with everything I haven't typed up a new release list in quite a while. If you are ever wondering if we have something or will be getting it, just call or email us and will be glad to tell you if we have it or order it for you if we don't. We get lots of stuff each week and our prices are usually cheaper than other stores in town. And before you order stuff online check with us because we'll be more than glad to ship to you as well. And we'll ship your records in boxes meant for records, not some giant box like those idiots at Amazon. We actually care about vinyl here, which is also why we put sleeves on our used records and don't stick annoying price tags directly on the cover like other stores.

Anyway, stop by and say hi and buy some stuff or don't. - Scott