Upcoming Shows!

Lunchbox Records has a handful of shows coming up in the next month. This past week we were lucky enough to have Make Do and Mend, , The Stereo State, Panzram, and Relics, as well as locals Coma League, Trapper, and Junior Astronomers. Thanks to everyone that came to the shows, it's always been a blast being able to have all-ages shows in Charlotte.

We still have a bunch of shows this summer, including a special matinee on Friday, August 14th, featuring North Carolina's own Logic Problem, and The Shitty Limits, from the UK. We just got copies of the new Logic Problem 7" as well, so make sure to pick that up and learn all the words before the show.
We're also pretty excited to announce that Lion of Judah will be playing at Lunchbox on August 5th with Give, and Meth Mountain.