Order Some Stuff

Hey - maybe you noticed but maybe you didn't. Anyway, I changed the news page to a blog site because it's easier for me to update and gives you all more info on one page. So if you don't want to click on the show list you can just glance at it, but there are links on the show page so you should go there anyhow. This way is easier to search and keep up to date with too, and if you want you can even use that fancy RSS feed stuff. This has been set up for a while but I don't think anyone knew about it and I've finally decided to give it a full-on try. So let me know what you think. I've added all of the updates from the old pages and from before we even had a real website from the Myspace page because no one seems to check Myspace anymore. So all the way from the beginning in 2005.

Notice that new button up there that says "ORDER"? Well, we have unleashed the small yet nimble Lunchbox webstore. This has been in the works for some time as well, but it kept getting put on the back burner for various reasons. It's mostly local releases for now along with Lunchbox releases and a few other things. Hopefully this will help spread the word on some local stuff and make them easier to find. It is by no means anywhere near what we have in the store for sale, so if you are looking to order something else just email or call. I'll try to add new stuff when I can, but it's never going to be our entire stock - you have to come in to browse that.