1st Anniversary Sale, Calabi Yau 7", more....

Hey, guess what? It's our first anniversary of being a store. One year later we've sold a lot of stuff and appreciate everyone's patronage. We've had over 100 bands play here in the last year helping (we hope) bring some good bands to Charlotte that otherwise wouldn't have played here and helping some local bands build their following.

To celebrate this we are having a 1st Anniversary/Customer Appreciation Sale. Everything in the store is at least 10% off all weekend. All new stuff is 10% off, all used stuff is 20% off, and all used stuff below $5 is 50% off!!!

We also have 2 shows this weekend so come out and have some fun as well:

December 1, Friday - 8:00 PM - ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!!
Warhammer 48k
Double Negative

December 3, Sunday - 8:00 PM
The Scare - D.C. Hardcore
Mean Streets

Also, many of you probably don't realize this, but long before we moved to Charlotte and opened this store, there was a record label run by my brother & I (overwhelmingly him, I just did art and other shitwork) called Lunchbox Records. It has been dormant for quite a while, with the exception of the Car Vs. Driver discography cd (out on Stickfigure Records). However, we are proud to announce that soon enough we will have Lunchbox Records ..12 in our hands, the first 7" from Charlotte's own Calabi Yau. This is a split release with Dindin Records and should be out in a few weeks. We're working on something else as well, but that's a little bit further down the road.

Scott & the Lunchbox Monkeys & Robots