Cool new stuff in

Thanks to everyone who has come out to the shows and spent their hard earned cash here.

As always, we want to buy your used LPs, 7"s, cds, and dvds.

Firstly, we got these awesome things in:

This little contraption is the Buddha Machine (2nd edition) by FM3. Some of you may be familiar with it, but if not you need to see and hear this. It's about the size of a walkman and plays 9 different loops continually. There is a built in speaker, volume knob, toggle switch to change loops, and a stereo output. The nine loops vary in length from 2 seconds to almost a minute. Great for electronic music afficiandos, people who want something to go to sleep to, folks who want and office mate to drown out the non-soothing noise. You can read more about it here:

recent Pitchfork review

Comes in a variety of colors.

Now for the regular stuff.

New items:

fm3-buddha machine


Ahleuchatistas-What You-cd

Budos Band-s/t-cd


East West Blast Test-Popular-cd

Fantomas/Melt Banana-split 3"cd

Hellacopters-Rock n' roll is Dead-cd

Koas-Komplete Kaos-cd


MF Doom-Special Herbs 0-9 box set-3xcd

Psychic Paramount-Live in Italy-cd

Sigh-Gallows Gallery-cd

This Heat-s/t-cd


Xiu Xiu-Life & Live-cd (import)

va-No New York-cd (russian import)

Vaz-Lie that Matches the Furniture-cd

Vietnam-Past Away-cd (Athens band from 1980)

Whysall lane-s/t-cd (members of Versus, Jawbreaker)

LPs, etc:

7 Year Rabbit Cycle-Wind Machines-LP

GG Allin-Hated In The Nation-LP

GG Allin-Res-erected-LP

Assmble Head-s/t-LP

Black Dice-Smiling Off-2x12"

Budos Band-s/t-LP

Clutch-Slow Hole To China-LP

Eyehategod-Preaching the End-Time Message-picture disc LP

Fantomas/Melt Banana-split 5"

Hot Chip-Coming On Strong-2xLP

Hot Water Music/Alkaline Trio-split pic disc LP

Impractical Cockpit-to be-LP

Men's Recovery Project-Best Of-2xlp

My Bloody Valentine-Loveless-LP

Some Girls-Heaven's Pregnant Teens-LP

Swarm Of The Lotus-Sirens of Silence-LP

Temper Temper-s/t-LP

Thee Undertakers-l.a. muerte-7"

Van Pelt-s/t 7" (unrelased songs)

Weinberg Method of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock-LP

va-Dangerhouse vol.2-LP

va-Love, Peace, and Poetry-African Psychedlic Music-LP

va-New York Noise vol. 2-2xLP (no wave comp)

Restocks, new catalog items, etc:


Animal Collective-Feels-cd

Animal Collective-Sung Tongs-cd

Animal Collective-Prospect Hummer-cd

Vashti Bunyan-Just Another Diamond Day-cd

Chokehold-content with dying-cd

Confessor-sour times-cd


DOA-Hardcore 81-cd


Earth-Sunn Amps & smashed Guitars-cd

Gang Gang Dance-God's Money-cd

Jenny Lews-Rabbit Fur Coat-cd

Nip Drivers-Destroy Whitey-cd

Sunn O)))-Black One-cd

Sunn O)))-Grimm Robe Demos-cd

Sunn O)))-White One-cd

Sunn O)))-White Two-cd


Albert Ayler-Spiritual Unity-LP (red vinyl)

Bad Brains-s/t-LP

Broken Social Scene-s/t-2xLP

Celtic Frost-Into The Pandemonium-LP

Celtic Frost-To Mega Therion-LP

Coliseum/Lords-split 7"

Contortions-Buy the Contortions-LP

Damned-Music For Pleasure-LP

Deerhoof-Milk Man-LP

DJ Qbert-Gag Seal Breaks-LP

DOA-HArdcore '81-LP

Flipper-Blow'n Chunks-LP

Growing-His Return-LP


MC5-Kick out the Jams-LP

MC5-Back In The USA-LP

New york Dolls-Lipstick Killers-LP

Reagan Youth-vol.1-LP

Reagan Youth-vol. 2-LP



Venom-At War With Satan-LP

Venom-Black Metal-LP

Venom-Welcome to Hell-LP

Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice-Xiao-LP

Xiu Xiu-Fabulous Muscles-LP



Iggy/Stooges-Search & Destroy-7"

and our big ol box of import vinyl came in:

Code Of Honor "Complete Studio" CD

Adverts "Crossing the Red Sea" LP

Buzzcocks "Another Music in a Different" LP

Necros "Conquest for Death" LP

Kraftwerk s/t 2LP

Nirvana "In Utero" LP color

Misfits "Der Mann mit der Totenmaske" LP

Damned "Doom the Damned" LP

Misfits "Necronomicon" LP

Husker Du "Ultracore" LP

Black Flag "White Minority" LP

V/A "Killed By Death 20" LP

V/A "Killed By Death 24" LP

V/A "Killed By Death 999" LP

V/A "Killed By Death 1234" LP

Radio Birdman "Radios Appear" LP

Kyuss / Queens Of The Stone Age split LP

Mayhem / Emperor "Demos" split LP

Nirvana "Nevermind" pic LP

Samhain "NY Breaks Loose" LP

Wire "Honi Soit" LP

Thin Lizzy "Take That Sinner Boy Home" LP

Misfits "Evillive II" LP

Misfits "12 Hits from Hell" LP

Nirvana "Bleach Sessions" LP

Black Flag "Pre-My War Demos" LP

Samhain "Final Descent" LP

Joy Division "Closer" LP

Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" LP

Youth Brigade "Sound & Fury" LP (original version)

Runaways "Cherry Bomb" LP

Thin Lizzy "BBC Sessions" LP

Social Distortion "More Girls" LP

Seconds "Y" LP

Kurt "Schesaplana Plus" 2LP

Misfits "Cough/Cool" 7"

Social Distortion "Mommy's Little" LP

Screamers "Live in SF" DVD

Deerhoof "Dirt Pirate Creed" LP