Show Booking FAQ:

  • Yes, we are still doing shows. We will do shows as long as I'm here or someone tells me I can't do them anymore.

  • Sorry if your band has written about a show and not responded. I have a lot of other things to do before I get to the show scheduling part of my job. It doesn't mean you should quit asking or that I think your band sucks, just that we might already have a show or something else going on. I have a wife, band, and life also so some days just aren't good. Your band might suck too, though.

  • If you have a "booking agent" or want a guarantee, 99% of the time you're not going to get a show unless I already know you directly somehow. Booking agents blow. We don't do guarantees because the shows are off of donations.

  • We give bands 100% of all money we collect. All P.A. equipment, mics, speakers, etc. are purchased out of my own pocket. A lot of nights I have to also pay bands out of my own pocket. This is not because there aren't people here, but because some people refuse to donate. I don't make jack shit running a record store and make no money off of shows, so please donate. If you can't afford to give out of town bands $3 to $5 of your money, then please stay the fuck home and don't come to the show. Gas is expensive and karma will find you.

  • This should go without saying, but please do not come here expecting it to be a rock club. We are a little store that moves stuff around and do shows at night. If you are expecting us to mic all of your drums or something you have been misled.

  • There is no back room to store your stuff. Bands load in as they play. It sucks but it works just fine. We have to move a lot of stuff around to make room and it's a lot of work so don't be a jerk about Where do we play? You play in the back of the store on our little stage. If you are too punk to play on a 1 foot stage then I don't know what to tell you.

  • Yes, you can buy stuff during the shows.

  • All shows are all ages. You can't drink inside. Sorry. Too many jerks have spilled stuff on cds and records and not even apologized.

  • Do not throw your trash outside or be a jackass and tag walls outside. I have to clean that up and paint over it. Not fun.

  • We generally only do 3 band shows. 4 sometimes if people are sharing equipment. Anything more than that takes too long, is a pain, and people get tired. Stop with the mini-fest already

  • We book all kinds of bands, not just punk bands. Most of the shows end up being punk bands because they seem to care less about the "no drinking" rule. Such is the way of the world.

  • If you are looking for a show please email us at: b o o k i n g @ l u n c h b o x r e c o r d s . c o m and put the word "BOOKING", your band name, and date in the subject line. If you don't do this, your email may go ignored or get thrown away. Please don't call about playing here unless the show is already booked. Please do not send us messages on Myspace about shows. Thanks!

  • We prefer to not have to listen to things on Myspace as well, so if you want you can send demos, cds, cd-rs, records, whatever to us at:

    Lunchbox Records

    1419-A Central Ave.

    Charlotte, NC 28205