3rd Anniversary went great!

Thanks to everyone for a really great weekend. It was tons of fun. The sale went really well and lots of records were sold to many smiling people. The Graf Orlock/Lewd Acts show was awesome with an amazing turnout. The Fucked Up in-store went amazingly well too considering it was in the middle of the day. The band was super friendly and we talked about records, Antiseen, and Cheerwine (the best soft-drink ever). They even played a Pennywise cover and some KBD song. I think it was by the Child Molesters but I'm not positive on that. The show at the Milestone sold out which is as much as we could ask for too.

Anyway, you can read some more about things on Rob's blog. You can also view pictures of the Graf Orlock and Lewd Acts show here, the F.U. show and in-store here, some photos Neal Mims took of the Saturday shows here, some that Steven Pilker took here, and finally some more of the F.U. in-store that Bryan Reed took here. Thanks to everyone for all of the support.