Record Store Day is April 16th

Record Store Day is coming and here is a list of most items that we are aware of that are coming out that day. We are trying to get as many of these as we can and as we think our customers would want, but due to the limited quantities we cannot guarantee anything. All items that day are limited to one person customer so that fans can get the records instead of Ebay flipper jerks. There are over 500 stores participating this year, and many releases have less than that quantity available so you do the math. But mostly we just want to sell you cool music and have fun!!!

These are almost all very limited in nature, and in many case we did NOT get that many or as many as we ordered, so be ready. There were way more labels participating this year so there are bound to be some things I didn't even know about as well. We're trying our best to get everything though, but sometimes things slip through the cracks and with this many releases we had to budget ourselves a bit as well.

From the RSD website:

"THEY’RE HERE! The thing a lot of you are looking forward to, of course, are the special pieces coming to your favorite record store on April 16. Here’s a list of them, one you can print out, check off and take to your local record store. We’re doing things a little differently this year, so you’ll see a few different categories here:

RECORD STORE DAY RELEASES These are titles that are only being released for this day. These are true Record Store Day Exclusives.

“WINDOWED” RELEASES These are titles that will only be available in record stores on Record Store Day, but will someday be available to other retailers down the line.

REGIONAL/SMALL RUN RELEASES These are titles that are being released only to a certain region of stores, or have such a small run or distribution that the majority of participating stores will not have access to them. We feel it’s important to include these releases and celebrate the spirit in which they are released.

And remember: LIMITED EDITION, BABY. A lot of these titles have limited runs. You may not get your hands on all the pieces you want. Your STORE may not get their hands on all the pieces they want. That’s the nature of limited releases. But that’s what makes them so exciting! "