Black Friday Record Store Day 2012 / Big Black Weekend Sale

Along with all of the super limited Black Friday Record Store Releases we did get we also have this nifty sale going on. Everything is on sale 15% off. Things in the store over a year (little number on price tag ends in "1") are 25% off. Anything older than that (little number ends in "0" or god forbid an "9") is 50% off!!!!

*Due to the limited nature of the Black Friday Releases and some of their very high costs to us, they are not included in this sale. Sorry. The limited releases are first come, first served and many things we got much less than we ordered, and some stuff isn't here yet so I'm still crossing my fingers. 

Oh yeah, I guess this is technically our 7th Anniversary too since we opened on the day after Thanksgiving in 2005. So this is our present to you. We enjoy the present of your presence. And vegan treats too if you have them!

We will open at 9 AM on Friday.

Thanks for a wonderful 7 years - Scott, Michael, & Lee


The same people that brought you Record Store Day the last four Aprils are back this November with a little holiday shopping treat. Record Store Day is gathering up some more super-limited, extra-choice collectible records for release on Black Friday.

The list below includes just some of the titles being released. Like the regular Record Store Day, there are some stipulations. Because of the insanely limited nature of these releases, we cannot guarantee that we will have stock of every title. We may only get a fraction of what we order or we may not get any copies of some titles at all. Therefore, there will be no pre-orders taken, no holds, and in the sake of fairness, we will limit each customer to one copy of any title and reserve the right to set a limit of the total number of pieces. We want everybody to have a shot at getting some of this good stuff. We ordered a little of everything to try to make everyone happy, but there are some things we surely won't have enough of…but as far as I know of right now unless something weird happens we will have some copies of all of these titles.


Record Store Day is an event put on for independent record stores. Bands and labels release Limited Edition items for sale exclusively in indie stores. There are 2 events every year, the Main Event in April and then a smaller event in November called Black Friday. Most of the really good stuff and the really limited items sell out that day and fetch high prices on the after market. Some items remain after the initial day but it's hard to ever figure which items will sell out fast and which will stick around. Either way, most of the items, when they're gone, they're gone, and I won't be able to stock them again.


Scheduled (and some already cancelled or delayed) releases:
(Daniel Johnston LP & Widespread Panic "Deluxe Wood" DVD have been  cancelled)

Asobi Seksu/Boris "Split" 7" 

Band Of Horses "Sonic Ranch Sessions" 7" (Edition of 2,000) 

Beach Boys "Beach Boys" 10" (Edition of 5,000) 

Beck "Sea Change" 2xLP (45RPM, Pink Vinyl, Edition of 1,000) 

Big Brother & The Holding Company ft. Janis Joplin "Cheap Thrills" LP (Mono, 180 Gram, Edition of 3,000) 

Biz Markie "The Biz Never Sleeps" Picture Disc LP

Bob Dylan "Duquesne Whistle" 7" (Edition of 5,000) 

Borknagar "The Olden Domain" LP

Buck Owens "Sings Eagles" 10"

Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale "Buddy & Jim" LP & CD

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band "Plastic Factory/Where There's a Woman" 7" (Mono) 

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band "Upon The My-O-My/I Got Love On My Mind" 7" (Mono) 

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band Abba Zaba/Yellow Brick Road" 7" (Mono) 

CeeLo Green/Donny Hathaway "This Christmas" 7" (Side By Side Series) (Red/Green Split Vinyl, Edition of 3,000) 

Coheed And Cambria "The Aftermath: Ascension (Big Beige Demos)" LP

David Bowie "Jean Genie" Picture Disc 7" (Edition of 2,000) 

Dr. Dog "Wild Race" 12" (Etched B-Side, Edition of 1,500) 

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros/Aaron Embry "Give Me a Sign" 7" 

Eric Burdon and The Greenhornes "Apolinere Enameled" LP (Edition of 1,500) 

Ethan Johns "Whip Poor Will" 7"

Fat Boys "Fat Boys Pizza Box LP" LP

Frank Zappa "Why Don'cha Do Me Right, Big Leg Emma" 7" (Edition of 3,000) 

Gary Clark Jr "Black & Blu" 2xLP (Black & Blue Colored Vinyl) 

Gaslight Anthem "Hold You Up" 10" (Red Vinyl) 

Gene Clark "Echoes" 7" (Mono) 

George Jones "United Artist Rarities" 10" (Edition of 1,200)

Grateful Dead "Live at Winterland 5/30/1971" LP (Edition of 7,500) 

Grateful Dead "Dick's Picks Vol. 1 - "Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, Florida December 19, 1973" 4xLP (Edition of 2000)

Grateful Dead "Dick's Picks Vol. 2 - "Ohio Theatre, Columbus, Ohio October 31,1971" 2xLP (Edition of 2000)

Incubus "A Crow Left The Murder" LP (Edition of 3,000) 

Incubus "Light Grenades" LP (Edition of 3,000) 

Incubus "Make Yourself" LP (Edition of 3,000) 

Incubus "Morning View" LP (Edition of 3,000) 

Incubus "S.c.i.e.n.c.e." LP (Edition of 3,000) 

JEFF The Brotherhood "Dark Energy" 7" (Edition of 3,000) 

Joan Jett "Bad Reputation" LP+CD

Joe Strummer "Live at Action Town Hall" LP (Edition of 1,800) 

Joey Ramone "Ya Know?" Deluxe 2xCD (Edition of 500) 

John Denver & The Muppets "A Christmas Together" LP 

John Mayer The Complete 2012 Performances Collection" LP (Edition of 2,800)

Johnny Cash "The Fabulous Johnny Cash" LP (Edition of 3,000) 

Judas Priest "Screaming For Vengeance" LP (Picture Disc, Edition of 3,000) 

King Diamond "King Diamond "No Presents For Christmas" LP (Picture Disc, Edition of 2,000)

Lee Hazelwood "You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazelwood Industries 1967-1970" 11x7" Box Set (Edition of 3,000) 

Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley "Hallelujah" 7"

Link Wray "Big City After Dark" 7" 

Love "Forever Changes" LP+7" (180 Gram, Edition of 1,500) 

Lucero "Live at Sun Studios" 7" 

Lucinda Williams/Michael Chapman "That Time of Night" 10" (Edition of 1,000)

Lumineers "Winter EP" 10" (Edition of 4,000) 

M83 "Reunion Remix" 12" (Edition of 3,000) 

Mad Season "River of Deceit/I Don't Know Anything (Live) 10" (Edition of 2,000) 

Marshall Crenshaw "I Don't See You Laughing Now" 10" 

Mayer Hawthorne "KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic" 10"

Mayhem "De Mysteriis Dom Sathans" LP

Merle Haggard "Capitol Rarities" 10" (Edition of 1,200) 

Miles Davis "Miles Ahead" LP (Edition of 5,000) 

Miles Davis "Porgy & Bess" LP (Edition of 5,000) 

Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain" LP (Edition of 5,000) 

Mogwai "A Wretched Vile Lore" Remix 2xLP (Colored Vinyl, Edition of 2,000) 

Moonrise Kingdom "Original Score" 10" 

My Morning Jacket " It Makes No Difference (Live ft. Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes)" 10" 

Nirvana "Incesticide 20th Anniversary" 2xLP (45 RPM, Individually Numbered Edition of 3,000) 

Norah Jones "Little Broken Hearts Remix" 10" (Edition of 1,500)

Primus "Green Naugahyde" 10" (Edition of 700) 

Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack" (Random Blue, Brown, White, Blonde or Pink Vinyl) 

Rockabye Baby "Lullabys of the Flaming Lips" LP 

Rolling Stones "The Rolling Stones" 7" 

Shins "No Way Down/Fall of '82 (Swift Sessions) 7" (Edition of 2,500) 

Skrillex "Bangarang" LP (180 Gram, Edition of 3,000) 

Skrillex "More Monsters and Sprites" EP (180 Gram, Edition of 3,000) 

Skrillex "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" EP (180 Gram, Edition of 3,000) 

Teddy Thompson "Window Up Above" 7"

Tenacious D "Simply Jazz" EP (Edition of 1,000) 

Tomahawk "Stone Letter" 7" (Edition of 2,000) 

Toro Y Mol "So Many Details" 7" (Edition of 1,000) 

Tyler Ramsey (Band of Horses) "Raven Shadow/Black Pines" 10" (78 RPM, Edition of 1,000) 

Various Artists "Death Might Be Your Santa Claus" LP

Velvet Underground "Scepter Studios Acetate" LP (Edition of 5,000) 

Volbeat "Guitar Gangster & Cadillac Blood" LP

Volbeat "Rock the Rebel" 12"

Volbeat "The Strength/The Sound/The Songs" LP

Wanda Jackson "Capitol Rarities" 10" (Edition of 1,200) 

White Stripes "Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground/Stop Breaking Down" 7" (Red Vinyl) 

White Stripes "Fell In Love With a Girl/I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" 7" (Red Vinyl) 

White Stripes "Hotel Yorba (Live at the Hotel Yorba)/Rated X (Live at the Hotel Yorba)" 7" (Red Vinyl) 

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