3/17/06 new stock update

new shit for mid march:


Animal Collective-Grass-cd+dvd
Azita-Detail From the Mountain Side-cd
Bleeding Kansas-Dead Under-cd
Blight-Detroit:Collected Works-cd (Tesco Vee plus members of the Fix from 1982!)
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan-Ballad-cd
Capricorns-Ruderr Froms Survive-cd
Neko Case-Fox Confessor-cd
Ciccone Youth-Whitey Album-cd (Sonic Youth covers Madonna)
Daktaris-Soul Explosion-cd
Edguy-Rocket Ride-cd
Essex Green-Cannibal Sea-cd
Glass Casket-We Are Gathered Here-cd
Howling Hex-1-2-3-cd
Lawrence Arms-Oh! Calcutta!-cd
Liars-Drum's Not Dead-cd+dvd
Lifetime-Somewhere In the Swamps of Jersey-2xcd (early collection includes Background LP, Tinnitus 7", and more-and it's cheap)
Loose Fur-Born Again-cd
Love Equals Death-Nightmerica-cd
Madlib-Beat Konducta vol.1-2-cd
Make-Up-Untouchable Sound-cd
Stephen Merritt-Showtunes-cd (Magnetic Fields guy does showtunes)
MGR-Nova Lux-cd (Mike Gallagher of ISIS)
Mord-Christendom Peroshed-cd
Ms. John Soda-Notes & The like-cd (members of Notwist, Couch, Tied & Ticked Trio)
NOFX-Never Trust a Hippy-cdep
Of Montreal-Bedside Drama-cd
Of Montreal-Bird Who Continnues to Eat-cd
Of Montreal-Early Four Trakc Recordings-cd
Quasi-When the Going Gets Dark-cd
Henry Rollins-Big Ugly Mouth-cd (spoken word/comedy reissue from 85/87)
Seconds-Kratitude-cd (members of Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Shoplifting-Body Stories-cd
Storsveit Nix Noltes-Orkideur-cd (members of Mum, Animal Collective)
Sugarman 3-Soul Donkey-cd
Vague Angels-Let's Duke It Out-cd (Chris Leo of Van Pelt/Lapse)
Witch-s/t-cd (j.mascis on drums!)
Wizardzz-Hidden City-cd (members of Lightning Bolt)
va-Bridge Nine Singles vol. 1-cd
va-Bridge nine Singles vol. 2-cd


Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales-LP
Deep Wound-s/t-LP (discography of early hardcore band w/J.Mascis & Lou Barlow)
Lawrence Arms-Oh! Calcutta!-LP
Liars-Drum's Not Dead-LP+dvd
Loose Fur-Born Again-LP
Make-Up-Untouchable Sound-cd
Of Montreal-Voltaic-7"
Quasi-When the Going Gets Dark-cd
Shoplifting-Body Stories-LP
Sonic Youth-s/t-2xLP (reissue of first record)

restocks/cool shit:

Acid Mothers Temple-Starless & Bible Black-cd
Akimbo-Forging Steel & Laying Stone-cd
Avett Bros.-Four Thieves Gone-cd
Bomb-indecision-cd (Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun)
Bonnie Prince Billy-Summer In the...-cd
Nick Drake-Pink Moon-cd
Nick Drake-Bryter Layter-cd
Nick Drake-Five Leaves Left-cd
Earth-Sunn Amps & Smashed Guitars-cd
Gang Gang Dance-s/t-LP
Growing-His Return-LP
Growing-Soul Of the Rainbow-2xLP
Hella-Church Gone Wild/Chirpin'-2xcd
Laddio Bolocko-Life & Times of Laddio Bolocko-cd
Jenny Lewis-Rabbit Fur Coat-cd
Magnetic Fields-69 Love Songs-box -cd
My Morning Jacket-Z-LP
Pearls & Brass-Indian-LP
Pearls & Brass-s/t-cd
Wasted Youth-Reagan's In-cd
va-New York Thrash-LP

jazz restocks/new stuff:

Art Ensemble of Chicago-Live in Paris-2xcd
Peter Brotzmann-More Nipples-cd
Don Cherry-Orient/Blue Lake-2xcd
Archie Shepp-Blase/Live at the Pan African Festival-2xcd
Sun Ra-Vol. 1 & 2 Solar-myth approach-2xcd
Clifford Thornton-freedom-cd
Peter Brotzmann-FMP 1030-cd