New releases and restocks for this week:

Sorry this is a little late, had some kinks to work out with my distributors this week. Anyhow, lots of good stuff. Come buy some. We're cheap. While we don't have everything in the world, 95% of the stuff we do have is cheaper. For real.

the list:

New Releases:

Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano-Beloved Music-cd
Danielson-dry goods dry powder-7"
Kimya Dawson/Matty Pop Chart-split 7"
Centro-matic-fort recovery-cd/2xLP
I love You But I've Chosen Darkness-fear is on our side-cd
Pink Mountaintops-Axis of Evol-cd/LP
Nice Nice-Fall -cdep (limited to 300)
Nice Nice-Winter-cdep(limited to 300)
Mudhoney-Under A Billion Suns-cd/LP
Low-Tonight The Monkeys Die-cd (remixes)
Flaming Lips-20 Years of Being Weird-cd
Mogwai-Mr. Beast-cd/cd+dvd/2xLP
Stereolab-Fab Four Suture-cd
Stereolab-Excursions, Eye of the Volcano, & Whisper Pitch-7"s
Rogers Sisters-Invisible Deck-cd
Va-12 classic 45's-Ace of Hearts-cd (12 great singles from the Ace of Hearts label-with Mission of Burma, Neats, Lyres, more...)
AIDS Wolf-Lovvers-LP
Hank Williams III-Straight To Hell-2xcd
Robocop Kraus-They Think They Are-cd
Baron Zen-At The Mall-cd/LP
Capricorns-Ruder Forms Survive-cd
Terrestial Tones-Dead Drunk-cd (members of Black dice & Animal Collective)

Restocks, etc.:

Kites-Peace Trials-LP
Municiapl Waste-Hazardous-LP/cd
Against Me-we're never going home-dvd
Tarantula A.D.-Book of Sand-cd
Dungen-Ta Det Lungt-cd
Isis-Oceanic: Remixes-cd
Boris w/Merzbow-Sun-cd
JFA-we know you suck-cd
Pogues-Dirty Old Town-cd
Pogues-If I Should Fall From Grace-cd
POgues-Rum Sodomy & the Lash-cd
Stiff Little Fingers-Hanx-cd
Stiff Little Fingers-Nobody's Heroes-cd
Toxic Reasons-Independence-cd/LP
X-Los angeles-cd
X-Wild Gift-cd
X-Under Big Black Sun-cd
X-More Fun-cd
Ted Leo-Tyranny of Distance-cd
Ted Leo-Shake the sheets-cd
A.C. Newman-slow wonder-cd
Cat Power-Greatest-LP
Fall-wonderful & frightening-cd
Fall-this nation's saving grace-cd
Fall-bend sinister-cd
Fall-50,000 fall fans can't be wrong-cd
National-Alligator-cd (now w/bonus cd-cheap)
Black Mountain-s/t-LP
Tony Conrad-Early Minimalism Vol. 1-box set-cd
Ladies-They Mean Us-LP
Explosions In The Sky-Those Who Tell The Truth-LP
Explosions In The Sky-The Earth Is Not…-LP
Postal Service-Give Up-2xLP
Wolf Parade-apologies to the queen mary-LP
Elected-Sun Sun Sun-cd