Don't piss your money away!

While we don't carry everything, 90% of what we do carry is cheaper than any other store in town. You want examples?

Earth - Phase 3 - Lunchbox $ Manifest $12.99
Earth - Capsular Extraction - $8.99....them $12.99
Mogwai - Mr. Beast (deluxe version) $14.99...them $15.99
Mogwai - Mr. Beast (regular version) $12.99...them $15.99!
Arcade Fire - Funeral $13.99...them $16.99
Baroness - Second $6.99...them (don't have it)
Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise $13.99...them $17.99

ALL of our LPs are cheaper than the other places in town and they don't even carry most of the stuff we do. Are you going to find Necros, Joy Division, Albert Ayler, Kylesa, Sweet Cobra, Ampere, or Mono LPs anywhere else in town? Nope.