Loads of new import records & more......

All of these hot vinyl gems are here now!!!! Hurry up because a lot of these won't be around for long.

Johnny Cash "Unchained" LP
Eater "Chronicles" 2LP (complete first album plus demos & new tracks)
Scruffs "Wanna Meet" LP (powerpop from 1977)
Johnny Cash "American Recordings" LP
Carcass "Nottingham Rock City" LP (live in 1989)
Danzig "Too Much Horror" LP (live in 1989)
13th Floor Elevators "Easter" LP
Nine Inch Nails "Dead Souls" LP (promo only LP)
Johnny Thunders "LAMF Revisited" LP
Eater "Live at Barbarella's" LP
Cretins "Samen im Darm" 12" (KBD punk from Germany 1980)
Birthday Party & Lydia Lunch "Funhouse" LP (live radio show)
Wipers "Over the Edge"
Misfits "Cough/Cool" 7" (gold vinyl)
V/A "Neighbour Annoyer" LP (KBD from Scotland, UK, Ireland)
Bad Brains "Pay to Cum" LP
Germs "What We Do is Secret" LP (7"s and everything else not on GI LP)
Jam "Mama We're All Different Now" LP
SS Decontrol "Get It Away" LP (sxe masterpiece)
Wire "Pink Flag" LP
Venom / Bathory "Demos" split LP
Samiam "Clumsy" LP
Skrewdriver "Early Years" LP (before they turned stupid)
Warsaw s/t LP (pre-Joy Division LP)
My Bloody Valentine "This is Your" LP (first LP with different singer)
My Bloody Valentine "Ecstasy & Wine" LP (ep's before the two LPs)
Joy Division "Day of the Lords" LP (live in Holland 1980)
Misfits "12 Hits from Hell" LP (only release with Bobby Steele & Doyle both on guitar-essential- excellent studio recodings)
Pogues "Straight from Hell" LP
Nirvana "Hormoaning" LP (aussie only tour EP with covers of Vaselines, Wipers, more)
Ween "Pure Guava" LP
Kids s/t LP
Kids "Naughty Kids" LP
Monks "Black Time" LP (awesome late 60s proto-punk)
Carpettes "Small Wonders" LP (great mod/power pop)
Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" LP
Joy Division "Closer" LP (white vinyl)
Sonic Youth "Happiness is a Warm Gun" LP
Necros "Conquest for Death" LP (hardcore classic)
Damned "Sick of Being Sick" LP (peel sessions-excellent)
Germs "GI" LP
Nips "Tits of Soho" LP (Shane MacGowan's pre-Pogues punk band)
Now "Here Come the Now" LP (early mod/power pop)
Kraftwerk "1" LP (1st LP - great krautrock)
Kraftwerk "2" LP (2nd LP - more great krautrock)
V/A "Nasty Rockabilly 1" LP (dirty rockabilly songs with lewd cover art)
V/A "Nasty Rockabilly 2" LP (more filthy old rockabilly)
Velvet Underground "Something Different" LP (acoustic demos from 65-67)
Seeds s/t LP
13th Floor Elevators "Psychedelic" LP
White Stripes "White Heat" LP (rare songs & early 7"s)

This stuff also came in this week:

Punk 77-book
GG Allin-Terror in America-DVD
Maximum Rock N Roll- new issue
Copper Press-..27-magazine

Lords-House That Lords Built-7" (first release finally on vinyl, colored no less!)
X-Los Angeles-LP
Ignite-Our Darkest Days-LP
Misery Index-Discordia-LP
Telemark-Viva Suicide-LP
Kinghorse-s/t-LP ( old school heavy metal jams from Louisville)
Neon Nazis/Hips-split 7"