Charlotte: Go start your own band!


This town isn't going to fix itself. A lot of the reason clubs don't book big out of town bands here is because there aren't enough local bands to draw people. Even we have this problem. I have to turn down some good shows because there aren't enough good, kickass, non-flaky bands around, and then most of the good bands have this "we only play once every six months" crap mentality. Sure, if you're on tour all the time that makes sense. But if you'd rather play guitar hero or go get drunk in some bar than play a show, your priorities are messed up. I just want to see more good shows and in a town of a million people there should be tons of bands to the point of fighting them off with a stick.

And some originality is good as well. If someone says you sound like another band, that shouldn't be a compliment, but a call to go back to your basement and work on it some more so you don't sound like someone else. The world doesn't need more rip-off bands. I really miss shows where every band sounded different and not like a third rate copycat of each other.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm just annoyed right now.

Mr. Lunchbox