Calabi Yau "Elitist" 7" for sale....

Hey we now have for sale the newish Calabi Yau 7" "Elitist" on Lunchbox Records. This is Lunchbox 12 and the first release on the label in a long long time, not counting the Car Vs. Driver 2xCD on Stickfigure.

7"s are: $5.00 ppd in the U.S.
$3.99 in person at the store
$6.00 ppd in Canada
$9.00 ppd in Europe

send Paypal payments to:

Distros, labels contact for wholesale or trades. These will be available from Stickfigure soon, who is our distributor.

Calabi Yau are from Charlotte, NC and have been together for a couple years. They are currently working on a new LP/CD for release on Alone Records sometime in this millenium. I'm bad at descriptions but they are easily the most inspiring band anywhere near Charlotte. Some weird combination of an upbringing listening to too much of the Skin Graft catalog with a little D.C. post-punk rhythm and melody. I offered to help put this out since they are my friends and rule. If you like fucked up no-wave style punk/hardcore/indie/whatever check it out.

Myspace site - one song from the 7" is on here.

bo: bass/guitar/voice
davey: drums
robin: guitar

They are currently booking a west coast tour (dates on myspace page) and have some open slots so if you can help out please email them:

previous Calabi Yau discography:

Actuel EP - self-released 9 song cd-r, Apr.2006 - (out of print)
s/t - 8 song CD - DinDin Records, Jan.2005
God Shave Us All EP - self-released 4 song cd-r, Jul.2004 - (out of print)

previous Lunchbox Records discography:

LR 01 V/A-The View - An Atlanta Compilation 1984-1990 - 500 cassettes (out of print)
LR 01.5 Fiddlehead - Moneyman / Circles 7" (split with Wuxtry) (out of print)
LR 02 Wrong Answer (Zoo Breath) s/t 7" (out of print)
LR 03 V/A-Bag of Jakes Compilation 7" with Dirty, Fiddlehead, Figure, Oily-O (out of print)
LR 04 Car Vs. Driver s/t 7" (out of print)
LR 05 Scout / Freemasonry - split LP - about 20 left
LR 06 Car Vs. Driver "Deja Grateful" LP (out of print)
LR 07 Hal al Shedad / Inkwell split 7" (out of print)
LR 08 Car Vs. Driver "out of a silent sky" LP - a few left
LR 09 Fields Lay Fallow "One Hundred Years of High Rises" 6 song EP (out of print)
LR 10 Car Vs. Driver "Completeist" 2xCD discography (on Stickfigure)
LR 11 The store