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Here is the latest update. Tons of killer cds and LPs, new and used.

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Click on the link above for list of their shows, notable ones being Built To Spill, George Clinton, and Pere Ubu.



Steve Aoki-Pillowface-CD
Better Beatles-Mercy Beat-CD (awesome fucked up no-wave versions of Beatles songs from 1981)
B-Girls-Who Says Girls Can't Rock-CD
Black Mountain-In The Future (Deluxe)-CD (includes bonus cd with 3 additional songs)
Blood On The Wall-Liferz-CD
Bodies of Water-Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink-CD
Bonny Prince BIlly & Dawn McCarthy-Wai Noted-CD (demos of Letting Go album)
Anthony Braxton-12+1 Tet-CD
Peter Brotzmann/Mats Gustafsson-Fat Is Gone-CD
Burning Witch-Crippled Lucifer-2xcd (pre-Sunn, Khanate, Goatsnake)
Cat Power-Jukebox-CD
Cat Power-Jukebox (Deluxe version Double CD) has 5 more songs....
Crowd-Letter Bomb-CD
Defiance, Ohio-The Fear the Fear-CD
Dictators-Every Day Is Saturday-CD
Diplo-I Like Turtles-CD
Drive By Truckers-Brighter Than Creation's Dark-CD
Envy-All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead-CD (reissue)
Evangelicals-The Evening Descends-CD
Fetchin Bones-Live Dead Band Rockin CD/DVD
Fleshtones-Take a Good Look-CD
Hey Wilpower-P.D.A.-CD
Hope For a Golden Summer-Ariadne Thread-CD
Instruments of Science & Technology-Music From the Films of R/Swift-CD
LCD Soundsystem-45:33-CD
Magnetic Fields-Distortion-CD
Jon Mueller-Metals-CD
North Mississippi Allstars-Hernando-CD
Octopus Project-hello Avalanche-CD
Jack Penate-Matinee-CD
A Place To Bury Strangers-s/t-CD
Radiohead-In Rainbows-CD
Reverend Horton Heat/Revorgandrum-Hi Fi Stereo-cd (guitar/drums/organ trio)
Jason Ringenberg-Best Tracks & Side Tracks-2xCD
Saviours-Into Abaddon-CD
SIA-Some People Have Real Problems-CD
Jed Speare-Sound Works 1982-1987 2xCD
A Sunny Day In Glasgow-Scribble Mural Comic-CD
Super Furry Animals-Hey Venus! (Expanded Edition)-CD
Tephra-Modicum of Truth-CD
This Will Destroy You-s/t-CD
Times New Viking-Rip It Off-CD
Warmer Milks-Let Your Friends In-CD
The Whigs-Mission Control-CD
Zoroaster/Music Hates You/Christine-three way split-CD
Va-Art of Field Recording-4xCD box set
VA-Juno soundtrack-CD
VA-Rubble Collections vol.1-10-10xCD box set of rare psych

*** = LP comes with MP3 downloads
= Colored Vinyl (that I remember or am aware of, it all sounds the same though)

Ryan Adams-Everybody Knows-LP
Aluk Todolo-Descension-LP
Appleseed Cast-Mare Vitalis-2xLP (reissue)
Asobi Seksu-Stay Awake-7"
Nicole Atkins-Neptune-LP
Bad Brains-s/t-picture disc-LP
Better Beatles-Mercy Beat-LP (awesome fucked up no-wave versions of Beatles songs from 1981)
Black Cross-Severeance Pays-LP
Black Mountain-In The Future-2xLP***
Blitzen Trapper-Wild Mountain Nation-LP
Castanets-Strong Animal 7"
Cat Power-Jukebox (Deluxe Version Double LP)***
Chairlife-Evident Utensil-7"
Chopper-Kvlt As Fvck-7"
Eric Clapton-Complete Clapton-4xLP box set
Nels Cline/Wally Shoup/Greg Campbell-Suite: Bittersweet-LP
Clockcleaner-Babylon Rules-LP
Coffins-Other Side of Blasphemy-2xLP
Eric Copeland-Hermaphrodite-LP
Cornelius-Gum Ep-12"
Rivers Cuomo-Alone: Home Recordings-LP
Defiance, Ohio-The Fear the Fear-LP
Depeche Mode-Songs of Faith & Devotion-LP (180g Reissue)
Depeche Mode-Ultra-LP (180g Reissue)
Dictators-Every Day Is Saturday-2xLP
Disfear-Live at the Storm-LP
Draft-We'll Never Know-7"
Evangelicals-The Evening Descends-LP***
Finntroll-Ur Jordens-LP
Fleshtones-Take a Good Look-LP
Henry Flynt-Nova'Billy-LP
Fu Manchu-Return to Earth 1991-93-LP
Germs-I Fucked Your Mom-picture disc LP
Government Warning-Arrested-7"
Hex Machine-Run To Earth-LP+CD
Hot Water Music-Live at the Hardback-LP (repressed)
Impetigo-Ultimo Mondo Cannibale-2xLP
Instruments of Science & Technology-Music From the Films of R/Swift-LP***
Iron Lung-Sexless/No Sex-LP
Damien Jurado-Four Songs-LP
King Khan & BBQ Show-Teabag Party-7"
Kites-Hallucination Guillotine-LP
LCD Soundsystem-45:33-LP
LCD Soundsystem-Confuse the Marketplace-12"
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes-Willie-7"
Metabolismis-The Social Club No. 7- 7"
Minus The Bear-highly Refined Pirates-LP (repressed!!)
Munch Munch-Wedding 7"
Naked Raygun- Basement Screams-LP reissue w/ bonus songs
No Thanks-Are You Ready To Die-LP
Nunslaughter/Unholy Grave-split7"
Octopus Project-hello Avalanche-LP
Pelican-Australasia-2xLP (repressed with new artwork, silkscreened sleeves, and colored vinyl)
Jack Penate-Matinee-LP***
A Place To Bury Strangers-s/t-LP
Punch In the Face-At War With Everybody-LP
Queens of the Stone Age-Era Vulgaris-3x10"
Radiohead-In Rainbows-LP
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quintet-Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange-2xLP
Sailors-Hot Buttons-7"
Saviours-Into Abaddon-LP***
Secretions-Blast Off-7"
Signal To Trust-Golden Armour-2xLP
Soft Shoulder-s/t-7"
T-Model Ford-Don't Get Out Talkin' It -10"
Tephra-Modicum of Truth-2xLP
Thank God/TIgershark-split 10"
Times New Viking-Rip It Off-LP***
U2-Joshua Tree-2xLP (180g remaster)
U.S. Christmas-s/t-LP (Hickory, NC's own - on Neurot Records)
Vetiver-You May Be Blue (remix)-12"
Whigs-Mission Control-LP (includes CD)
John Wiese and C. Spencer Yeh-Live in Nottingham-LP
Woods-How To Survive-LP
Neil Young-Chrome Dreams II-2xLP
Zoroaster-Dog Magic-LP
VA-No Bullshit Vol. 3-7" (with Double Negative, Life Trap, Socialcide, Acid Reflux, Out Cold, Chronic Seizure)


Dj Q-Bert-Scrathlopedia-DVD
Flight of the Conchords-First Season-DVD
Gwar-Phallus In Wonderland-DVD
Naked Raygun-What Poor Gods We Do Make-DVD
Pelican-After The Ceiling-DVD
Wesley Willis-Daddy Of Rock n Roll-DVD


Carbon 14
Maximum Rock N' Roll-Feb. 2008 issue (with an interview with Charlotte's own OBSTRUCTION!!)
Mojo - feb 2008
Razorcake- 42

Bomp! Saving the World One Record At a Time
Official Punk Rock Book Of Lists
Punk 365
Replacements-All Over But The Shooting Gallery



Albert Ayler-Holy Ghost-9xCD box set
Baroness-Red Album-CD
Baroness/Unpersons-split CD
Between The Buried And Me-Colors-CD
Black Mountain-S/T-CD
Explosions In The Sky-Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die...-CD
Gaslight Anthem-Sink Or Swim-CD
Hold Steady-Almost Killed Me-CD
Jens Lekman-When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog-CD
Minutemen-Double Nickles On the Dime-CD
Okkervil River- Black Sheep Boy (Definitive 2XCD)
Panda Bear-Person Pitch-CD
Skeletonwitch-Beyond the Permafrost-CD
Trap Them-Sleepwell-CD
Yeasayer-All Hour Cymbals-CD


7 Seconds-Old School-LP
Ryan Adams-Demolition-LP
Ryan Adams-Jacksonville CIty Nights-LP
AFI-Shut Your Mouth-LP
AFI-Art of Drowning-LP
Against Me-s/t (acoustic)-7"
Against Me-Reinventing Axl Rose-LP
Agression-Don't Be Mistaken-LP
American Football-s/t-Lp
Ampere/Ringers-split 7"
Anti Heroes-1000 Nights-LP
Band Of Horses-Cease To Begin-LP
Tim Barry-Rivanna Junction-LP
Battles-B EP-LP
Beck -Sea Change-LP
Andrew Bird-Amchair Apocrypha--LP
Birthday Party-Mutiny-LP
Black Cobra-Bestial-LP
Black Dice-Load Blown-LP
Black Flag-My War-LP
Black Flag-Damaged-LP
Black Flag-Everything Went Black-2xLP
Black Flag-Who's Got the 10 1/2-LP
Black Flag-Six Pack-10"
Brand New-Deja Entendu-LP
Brassknuckle Boys-American Bastard-LP
Brassknuckle Boys/Deadline-split LP
Briggs-Back To Higher Ground-LP
By The End Of Tonight-Tera Melos Complex-split-LP
Circle Jerks-Wild In the Streets-LP
Common Rider-Last Wave Rockers-LP
Common Rider-This is Unity Music-LP
Cross Examination/Spring Break-split 10"
Des Ark-Loose Lips Sink Ships-LP
Descendents-I Don't Want To Grow Up-LP
Deccendents - Milo Goes to College-LP
Dr. Know-s.t-LP
Drive Like Jehu-s/t-LP
Earlies-These werethe Earlies-LP
Early Years-s/t-LP
Earth-Capsular Extraction-LP
Earth Crisis-Firestorm/All Out War-LP
Explosions In The Sky-The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place-LP
Explosions In The Sky-All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone-LP
Fake Problems-How Far...-LP
Foo Fighters-Echoes Silence-2xLP
Four Letter word-Staring Down The Barrel-7"
Fucked Up-Dangerous Fumes-7"
F-Word-Like It or Not Live-LP
Gang of Four-Entertainment-LP
Gore Gore Girls-Get The Gore-LP
Government Warning-No Way Out-7"
Gregor Samsa-27:36 + 2Dot-LP
Hated Youth/Roach Motel-LP
Richard Hell-Blank Generation-LP
Hives-Veni Vedi Vicious-LP
Holy Fuck-s/t-LP
Holy Mountain-Wrath-7"
Holy Mountain-Your Face-7"
Hot Water Music-Caution-LP
Hot Water Music-Flight & Crash-LP
Hot Water Music-No Division-LP
Hot Water Music/Alkaline Trio-split picture disc-LP
Hot Water Music-Never Ender-LP
Hot Water Music-Fuel For The Hate Game-LP
Husker Du-New Day Rising-LP
Husker Du-Zen Arcade-2xLP
HR-Human Rights-LP
Justice-DANCE remixes-12"
Justice-Waters of Nazareth-12"
Kids-Naughty Kids-LP
Kylesa-Time Will Fuse Its Worth-LP
Last Resort-Way of Life-Picture disc LP
Latterman-We Are-LP
LCD Soundsystem-Someone Great-2x12"
Lost Sounds-Memphis Is Dead-LP
Magnolia Electric Co.-Fading Trails-LP
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes-Are a Drag-LP
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes-Have a Ball-LP
MF Doom-MM..Food-2xLP
M.I.A.-Lost Boys-2xLP (the so-cal punk band)
Minor Threat-Out of Step-LP (on white vinyl)
Minus The Bear-Planet Of Ice-2xLP
Minutmen-Paranoid Time-7"
Moving Targets-Burning in Water-LP
Nachtmystium-Instinct Decay-LP
Nachtmystium-Eulogy IV-LP
Naked Raygun-Free Shit-LP
New Pornographers-Myriad Harbour-7"
New York Dolls-In Too Much Too Soon-LP
New York Dolls-s/t-LP
NOFX/Rancid-split LP
off with their heads/dear landlord-split 7"
Okkervil River-Black Sheep Boy-LP
Pearl Jam-Ten-LP
Pissed Jeans-Don't Need Smoke-7"
Propagandhi-Hot To Clean Everything-LP
Propagandhi-Potemkin City Limits-2xLP
Ramones-Ramones Mania-LP
Ramones-End Of the Century-LP
Ramones-Leave Home-LP
Ramones-Road to Ruin-LP
Ramones-Rocket To Russia-LP
Raped-Complete Recordings-LP
Jay Reatard-Blood Visions-LP
Rosetta/Balboa-split 2xLP
Sigur Ros-Hoppipolla-12"
Slipknot-s/t-picture disc-LP
Regina Spektor-Better-7"
Bruce Springsteen-We Shall Overcome-LP
Strokes-First Impressions-LP
Strokes-Is This It-LP
Torche-In Return-10"+CD
Uniform Choice-Screaming For Change-LP
Velvet Underground-Loaded-LP
Velvet Underground-Max's Kansas City-LP
Velvet Underground-s/t-Lp
Velvet Underground--White Light/White Heat-LP
Weakerthans-Left & Leaving-LP
Whiskey & Co.-Nightlife-LP
White Stripes-Icky Thump-2xLP
Amy Winehouse-Back to Black-LP
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Show your bones-LP
Dwight Yoakam-Dwight Sings Buck-LP
Young Livers-New Drop Era-LP
Young Widows-Settle Down City-LP
Va-Killed By Death-Vol. 1-LP
Va-Killed By Death-Vol. 2-LP
Va-Killed By Death-Vol. 3-LP
Va-Killed By Death-Vol. 4-LP
Va-Killed By Death-Vol. 5-LP
Va-Killed By Death-Vol. 6-LP
Va-Live from the Masque-LP