Girls Across America - Live From Nashville

Flash back a week to when we said that Girls were going to play a free, all ages concert this Friday at Grimey’sdown in Nashville. Remember that? Good. Now, fasten your socks lest they be knocked off.

To celebrate today’s release of the freshly BNM’d Father, Son, Holy Ghost – and pay homage to the hundreds of indie record stores who have it on sale – we’re going to be live webcasting Friday’s Nashville concert from Grimey’s across the websites, blogs and Facebooks of participating independent record stores across the nation. It’s the first ever NATIONWIDE in-store performance. GIRLS ACROSS AMERICA!

So this Friday 9/16 at 6pm EST make sure to tune in to your favorite record store’s website, blog or Facebook to watch the performance Live From Nashville.

……aaaand there’s more: As another nod to indie record stores, Girls will create a limited edition vinyl release exclusive to stores participating in this live streaming event, to be made available later this year.

Check out participating stores HERE and LONG LIVE INDIE RETAIL!