New Releases for November 8, 2011

200 Years - 200 Years CD/LP (Drag City)
New album from this duo comprised of Ben Chasny and Elisa Ambrogio. Sonically, it's basically Ben and Elisa with guitars, Elisa's voice, Ben's guitar alone, the breath of a harmonium, and the faintest strains of piano.

Atlas Sound - Parallax CD/LP (4AD)
Third long player from the ever-expansive solo project from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter. Atlas Sound is not a "side-project," but rather a fully fleshed musical landscape chock-full of pop chronicles culled from sci-fi fever dreams and mid century rock.

The Bees - Every Step’s A Yes CD/2xLP+CD (ATO)
Formerly A Band Of Bees. “Mellow and spaced-out. Paul Butler seems to have internalized the feel of bossa nova and samba. These songs showcase a gentle melodicism as akin to Gilberto Gil as it is to Pink Floyd's ‘Arnold Layne.’ I guess the simplest term for it would be psych-folk.” -- Pitchfork

Disco Inferno - The 5 EPs CD (One Little Indian)
One of the first wave of 'post-rock' acts, Disco Inferno combined avant-garde aesthetics with a basis in solid pop hooks, credibly depicting suburban alienation and national decay through embittered, intelligent lyrics.

DJ Shadow - The Less You Know, The Better 2xLP (Verve)
Recently released on CD -- now available on vinyl. Joshua Paul Davis better known as DJ Shadow is back with a new album.

Dwarr - Starting Over CD/LP (Drag City/Yoga)
“An outsider in an already left-of-center genre, Duane Warr, better known by recording moniker Dwarr, began his journey into the annals of musical obscurity as a factory worker with dreams of making it big in Columbia, SC. His music is an eccentric combination of psychedelic rock and doom metal, drawing from influences like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Pentagram to create an atmospheric and riff-oriented sound that was made all the stranger by occasional bursts of piano and saxophone.” -- All Music

Brian Eno - Panic Of Looking CDEP/12” (Warp)
From the recordings that produced Drums Between The Bells -- Eno’s recent collaboration with British poet Rick Holland -- comes six new tracks that continue the exploration of how lyric and songwriting are perceived in the post-everything era.

Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials 2xLP (Universal Republic)
Recently released on CD -- now available on vinyl. Florence + The Machine’s new album is a rich tapestry that unpicks the conventions of classic pop, shoots them through a black hole and reconstitutes them into a multi-layered, future-primitive stomp.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds CD/CD+DVD/LP (Mercury)
Gallagher's first solo album/project since the 2009 split of multi-platinum band Oasis.

The Hard-Ons With Neil Hamburger - American Exports 7”+MP3 (Alternative Tentacles) 
First-ever US release of sought-after collectable single. Back in 2008, legendary Australian punk group The Hard-Ons teamed up with “America’s Funnyman” Neil Hamburger on reluctant vocals to create an improbable punk rock artifact. Color vinyl with download.

Joker - The Vision CD/LP (4AD)
The British electronica/dubstep wunderkind continues to playfully subvert pop conventions.

Justice - Audio Video Disco 2xLP (Elektra)
Recently released on CD -- now available on vinyl. New club jams from the Ed Banger wonderkids.

King Krule - S/T 12"/CDEP (True Panther)
King Krule's (formerly Zoo Kid) second release brings with it, an expansion of vision, both musically and thematically. The connective tissue between these five tracks is still Marshall’s stark, direct lyrics, but over the span of the self-titled EP, there is an arresting sonic progression, as his songs open up to become a loose knit meditation and renewal of hope in the face of desperation. Shades of The Streets’ plainspoken and observant ramble dance with the heart on sleeve confessions of Billy Bragg. Archy’s influences are a patchwork for his voice to lay in, woven from several generations music as divergent as the 80s romantics, jazz, no wave and dub.

Leviathan - True Traitor, True Whore CD (Profound Lore)
Leviathan is one of the most creative and prolific entities in the black metal genre.

Lissie - Covered In Flowers CD (Fat Possum)
Lissie’s covers album recalls the huskiness of Stevie Nicks and the dreaminess of Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval.

Cass McCombs - Humor Risk CD/LP (Domino)
Humor Risk is perhaps Cass' most upbeat album yet, showing him in a more optimistic mood, and could be seen as the happier, more hopeful sister record to Wit's End.

Noothgrush - Live For Nothing 2xLP (Southern Lord)
Recently released on CD -- now available on vinyl. Noothgrush was well known for their consistently bludgeoning assault, played at slow as boiling tar tempos.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Replicas CD/LP (Software)
Replica is an electronic song cycle based around audio procured from TV ad compilations. These sample-based meditations are as lyrical as they are ecological, featuring re-purposed "ghost vocals" which serve as narration for Lopatin's signature amorphous, ambient passages.

Owen - Ghost Town CD/LP (Polyvinyl)
Latest album from Mike Kinsella aka Owen. Kinsella is best known for his other bands American Football and Cap’n Jazz.

Carlos Paredes - Guitarra Portuguesa [Reissue/ 1967] LP (Drag City)
Carlos Paredes - Movimento Perpétuo [Reissue/1971] LP (Drag City)
Carlos Paredes was one of the greatest Portuguese guitarists, and a symbol of the Portuguese culture -- not simply a great composer, but one of the men behind the worldwide understanding of his instrument and his country. 

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here [Reissue/1975] 2xLP (Capitol)
Features the original remastered album and a disc of additional material. 

Alasdair Roberts & Karine Polwart/Drew Wright - Scottish Split 7” (Twos & Fews)
7” released in tandem with the comp Whaur The Pig Gaed On The Spree. The A-side of the single is Alasdair Roberts' own arrangement and performance (with renowned Scottish singer Karine Polwart) of "Captain Wedderburn's Courtship," a traditional ballad, while the flipside features another young and talented traditionally-minded Scots singer, Drew Wright, who turns in an interpretation of the classic Scots border ballad, "The Dowie Dens O Yarrow."

Royal Trux - Singles Live Unreleased [Reissue/1997] 2xCD3xLP (Drag City)
Royal Trux was a band to which the word "definition" had no meaning. This 32-song bomb was dropped on a highly suspect America back in the early winter of 1997. Collected from 1988 to around the time they were signed to Virgin in 1994, this collection represents a living, breathing entity built of contradictions, rhythm, gleeful exploitation of limitations and clichés, the short con (and when you finally notice, they'd slip into the long one) and above all, total commitment.

Rush - Rush: Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland DVD (Zoe)
The 26-song two-disc set includes the band's performance of the classic Moving Pictures in its entirety. Also available on stand-alone DVD.

Sandwitches - Pearl b/w Benny's Memory Palace 7” (Hardly Art)
Gothic Americana and tender misfit pop. Expect tempered echo chamber delay on one side and then bask in an incredible falsetto lift and drop on the flip.

Ty Segall - Spiders b/w Cherry Red 7” (Drag City)
B-side is a cover of the Groundhogs almighty "Cherry Red."

Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler/The Dream CD/LP (In The Red)
New album captures the riot-sparking energy of their live show. While Castlemania was more of a vocal tirade, Carrion Crawler/The Dream is meant to pummel and throb.

Trash Talk - Awake - 7" (True Panther)
On, Awake, the brand new 7-inch EP for True Panther Sounds, Trash Talk continue to bodily propel their sound down the gnarled, grime-swathed path they’ve hewn for themselves. The aptly named opener “Awake” careens through the gate in a hail of shred. “Slander” squeals, stacks, smashes and releases in one minute flat, while “Blind Evolution” seems epic at over two, progressing from rapid thrash to a grungy, halftime sludge. Then, in comes “Burn Alive,” tailor-made to elicit air punches (be aware of your surroundings when you drop the needle), with its screeched out anti-wisdom: “The good die young, but the great survive.” Finally, “Gimme Shelter” brings things to a punishing, pummeling close and it all happens so quickly, so feverishly that the listener’s left beaten, bruised and ears bleeding with no real sense of what just happened. Which is, of course, how Trash Talk likes it. Forwards ever, backwards never.

TV Casualty - S/T - 7" (Matador)
This is the first recorded document to be released by a collective made up of Brian Sokel (Franklin, AM/FM), Andy Nelson (Ceremony, Paint It Black), Atom Goren (Atom and His Package) & Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists). Over the past few years the group has played out in and around Philly for different charitable events, assembling as The Ramones (with Rodney Anonymous), Black Flag (with Dan Yemin) and Minor Threat (with Mike McKee). Here, Ted Leo joins the band as Glen Danzig, in what else but their take on The Misfits.

Laura Viers - Tumble Bee: Sings Folk Songs For Children CD/LP (Raven Marching Band)
Collection of folk songs for children covers a wide range of American folk songs, from early 20th century work songs to the ballads of Jimmie Rodgers, Woody Guthrie, Peggy Seeger and Harry Belafonte.

Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo [Deluxe Edition] 2xCD (Matador)
Deluxe expanded edition includes a bonus disc featuring the new 6-track So Outta Reach EP.

Kurt Vile - So Outta Reach 12” (Matador)
New 6-track EP companion to Smoke Ring For My Halo.

Wounded Lion - IVXLCDM CD/LP+MP3 (In The Red)
Second full-length from L.A. art-punk band, now with Lars Finberg (Intelligence, A-Frames). 

Zun Zun Egui - Katang CD/LP (Bella Union)
“ZZE's thing, in tracks such as ‘Katang’ and ‘Cowboy,’ is lumpy but nimble punk-funk, with African stylings leavening the Magic Band flavour: strident guitars colliding with the muscular spring of Juju music, and polyglot vocals.” -- The Independent

Various Artists - Whaur The Pig Gaed On The Spree: Scottish Recordings By Alan Lomax 1951-'57 LP (Twos & Fews)
Whaur The Pig Gaed On The Spree commemorates the 60th anniversary of Alan Lomax's first Scottish recordings and acknowledges their profound effect on Scotland's Folk revival with one of its most gifted heirs at the wheel: Drag City artist Alasdair Roberts. Curated by Roberts and produced in collaboration with the Alan Lomax Archive's Global Jukebox label, the record is a startlingly diverse portrait of Lowland traditional music and song: from gentle to rumbustious, hilarious to heartbreaking.

DVDs + Blu-ray:

Rush - Rush: Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland DVD (Zoe)
An evening with Rush performing their classic hits and features the legendary Moving Pictures album, performed live in its entirety. 151 minutes. Blu-ray version due December 20.

also in stock now:

Banner Pilot - Heart Beats Pacific-LP/CD
BARRERACUDAS - Nocturnal Missions - LP
Big Business - Quadruple Single-LP
Braveyoung & the Body - Nothing Passes - CD
Das Racist - Relax- LP
DEAD TO ME - Moscow Penny- CD/LP
Echo & The Bunnymen- Ocean Rain-LP reissue
Echo & The Bunnymen- Porcupine- LP reissue
Far Out Fangtooth-Pure & Disinterested-LP
FEEDERZ - Ever Fell Like Killing Your Boss- LP reissue
FEEDERZ - Vandalism- LP reissue
Colleen Green - Cujo - LP
Blind Willie Johnson - Dark Was The Night - LP 
Jolts - 8% - LP
KASHMERE STAGE BAND - Texas Thunder - 3xLP reissued with more tracks
KITCHEN'S FLOOR- Look Forward To Nothing LP
KUEDO - Severant-LP/CD
Alexi Murdoch-Towards-LP
PORTAL - Swarth-2xLP
Satanizd-Technical Virginity-LP
Spits - S/t (5th album) - LP/CD
Television Personalities - Painted Word - LP reissue
Television Personalities - They Could Have Been - LP reissue
Three Mile Pilot - Chief Assassin to the Sinister - LP reissue of 2nd album (members of Pinback and Black Heart Procession)
Three Mile Pilot - Na Vucca Do Lupu - LP reissue of 1st album (members of Pinback and Black Heart Procession)